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Bike tags: Road bike | 105 | Ciöcc | ciocc | italian
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unknown 60cm Ciocc

Shimano 600 AX stem and some Cinelli Campione Del Monde bars

Ciocc fork made of Columbus steel, known headset

Ultegra hub lace to Mavic Open Pro Couche Dure 32 hole rims

Ultegra hub lace to Mavic Open Pro Couche Dure 32 hole rims

Shimano 600

Sella Italia Flite Ti on an unbranded 27.2 seatpost


105 9-speed

This was an abandoned frame that I gave new life to. When I found the frame, the paint and chrome were beyond help so I had it powder-coated, first black and now white.

This is a Ciocc and rides like a dream, it is as simple as that. I am guessing it is Columbus SL tubing but I cannot be sure because there were no details on the frame at all. The immaculate ride, the Ciocc name and the 27.2 sized seat-tube are the indications of a higher-end tube set.

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Any photos in original state?

You have any photos of it in original state? When you say "no details on the frame at all" do you mean no stickers or anything? The chroming, fork crown, and lug details bring a few clues.

Regardless, I have a few nice frames and have ridden a few more. I rank the Ciöcc Designer 84, which is close to there other classics, as one of THE best riders performance-wise of that era. Succinctly put, with a great drive-train and excellent set of wheels, this bike is the fastest with the least amount of effort of any of the vintage rides I've tried. Giovanni Pelizzoli knew what he was doing.

Hi, no, unfortunately, when

Hi, no, unfortunately, when I first got my mitts on the bike digital cameras were not invented yet and I didn't really think to take a photo. The seat post diameter is 27.2mm so that narrows it down a bit and I recall that only the drive side chainstay was chromed, which narrows it down a bit further. I check ebay now and then to see if there is a Ciocc listed which looks like mine originally did but I haven't seen anything yet.

I do have a designer '84 Designer as well and yes, it rides very nicely. It is a 56 and therefore is a bit snug for me but I love it anyways. I have only ridden one bike that is comparable to the white Ciocc and that is my De Rosa Professional. I should put some photos of that up (and of my '84 Designer too).

Mavic Open Pro CD brake wear

How does the Couche Dure on the Open Pro hold up to brake pad wear? Also, have you had any issues with debris or little rocks embedding in your brake pad and scratching the anodized layer? I am considering these rims for the bicycle I am assembling but I am worried that the anodized layer may wear and look ugly. The dark rooms look great on your bike by the way.

I've been riding the bike

I've been riding the bike quite a lot and the Couche Dure does eventually wear down however, I have stock Shimano pads on my brakes. I know that you can buy special pads for cermaic rims (they are green) from Kool Stop, I will probably put them on soon.

My Battaglin also has the Couche Dure rims and they have held up very well too...

Where did you get gold

Where did you get gold decals? The only place I found on Ebay had black with yellow trim or white and black.

Looks nice, excellent restomod there. I have an 84' Ciocc Designer I did the exact same thing to but my chrome was in a little better shape and I went with all new Ultegra 6600 and some Dura-Ace 7700.

Looks very sharp! I bet it rides nice :)



I love dirty bikes.

kinda' similar

take a look:

been thinking about powder-coat in the long-run.
seems like you're not a fan though?

No, I think powder-coating

No, I think powder-coating is great but just remember that it goes on thicker than paint so the finer details will be lost. I have 2 other bikes powder-coated and they are fine because they are both fillet-brazed so there are not really any details to begin with. The embossing on the seatstay is pretty much filled-in so that the word "Ciocc" is not easy to read. Not a huge deal really, I just think that those little things are what is so cool about these older frames.


hey i have exactly the same frame in a 54 in mint condition equiped with super record!

not sure on the name of the frame or the year but i do know that it is mid eighties so i'm told.

if you hear anymore about them let me know & i shall do the same!

cheers & ride on!

the white frame is a real

the white frame is a real beauty!
try to keep that nice classical 80ies style on your bike too! :-)

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