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1987 Schwinn World Sport fix

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1987 Schwinn World Sport

Nitto stem, flopped and chopped Specialized bars with custom PBR Aluminum shim

Original fork and Original headset repacked with stainless ball bearings

Weinmann DP18 to Formula via DT Swiss w/a Michelin Axial Pro

Weinmann DP18 to Formula flip flop via DT Swiss w/a Michelin Axial Pro

IRO 46t and Shimano sealed

San Marco carbon and ti ass hatchet and Thompson Elite

Egg beaters and KMC Z610HX

Surly 14t Cog and Formula lock ring / Surly 16t Cog and generic bb lockring

Quick and quiet. The first "10 speed" bike I ever owned and still fun as hell to ride to this day. The frame will soon be getting a cream color rattle can industrial coating and something other than a left over mtb lever. which point I'll commit to taping the bars.

Brake lever has been replaced with a tektro interrupter/cross lever and the bars have been taped. New pics coming.

[Update 2]
Crank Bros. Candys and 105 dual pivot front caliper added.

[Update 3]
Added Axial Pro front tire and a Surly 16t fixed cog w/a Tange BB lock ring on the free side. Rebuilt and reshaped original front brake caliper ditched the 105 caliper.

One day I'll get new pics up.

[Update 4]
NEW PICTURE! ...finally.
This is how she's been for a while now. Changed my mind on the paint, she's stayin original. Might eventually powder coat black provided I can find a complete decal set.
Removed the Sakae Low Fats and vintage ti railed Selle San Marco Titano200. The new saddle is a ti San Marco Aspide and the pedals are now just the straight up eggbeaters.

[Update 5]
Vintage 3ttt black suede saddle added and seat post changed.

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those stays are beautiful.

those stays are beautiful. they look delicate and fast.


where you still looking for some original schwinn decals for restoration?

I just got a mess of them from schwinn that I have no plan on using. Let me know:

[email protected]

You got mail!

You got mail!

Toe clips

what kind of toes clips and pedals are you using?

toe clips

I think they were Specialized plastic clips. I cut them down and dremmeled new holes to lace the straps thru. The pedals were SAKAE Low Fat mtn. ...I use Egg Beaters and Sixsixone shoes on it now.

Drive-side dropout?

Hey! I just purchased this exact same frame on ebay in hopes of making it a sweet fixie home project. I've noticed (and read up) that the drive-side dropout is about half as "long" as the opposite side, and some people mentioned this has greatly complicated their fixed gear attempts.

Have you had any trouble with yours? Did you have enough room to adjust for chain tension or did you need to file/saw the drive-side dropout back? I'm probably going to try and run a 48/16t gear ratio so I'm hoping I don't have to file too much, haha. Thanks!

uneven dropouts

I ground the drive side out with a dremmel tool. There's a bit that'll fit perfectly and you can see where to cut because the filled in part is a mm or so thinner.

I can get you the bit part number and a close up pic of mine if you want.

So, I just bought a

So, I just bought a hand-file from Home Depot and it's the perfect size (yay!) Wish I had a dremmel but this should work with some blood sweat and tears, haha. My other question for you is what is your bottom bracket length? I'm curious as to adjusting for a straight chainline, and was checking out your spacers. Did you have any problems getting yours lined up? Thanks!


The bb on my Schwinn is a 109mm Shimano. The IRO crankset specifies 109 or 110. I have a 110 IRO bb with an IRO crank on my Fuji and it seems a tiny bit wide so I'm switching back to my EDCO Competition bb which is adjustable.

Ahh, interesting. If it

Ahh, interesting. If it seems too wide I'll just pick up a new BB I guess. Thanks for your help!


No problem. Let me know when you post up some pics of it.

One more question..

I measured the reach distance for a front break and I measured roughly 55-62cm using a 700c wheel. How did you manage to stick a 105 brake caliper on there? I've only found one brake (Tektro 556 or something) that has the reach and I can only find them to purchase in sets =(. Thanks again in advance!

Ooh, that's one fatty bolt

Ooh, that's one fatty bolt on the front brake... did you make a home-made extension to fit a regular reach brake?

front brake

Its actually the original rear brake with the original front brake bolt going thru it. The 105 I bought didn't end up fitting so it's new home is also on my Fuji Ace fixie.

Rolling Stones

What a lovely contraption you have!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

thanks! its still a work in

thanks! its still a work in progress.


I built up a Schwinn Super Le Tour awhile back, If it would have ended up looking like that maybe i would have kept it! Nice ride!


Thanks! I'm looking into a Leader frame ... hope it ends up looking as good yours does.


Thanks Man, wait for the 08' model, judging by the geo chart on the website it's gonna be a nice frame. That and the drop outs look SICK!!!!!! I might get one to replace my current frame.

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