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Bareknuckle 56cm, Powdercoated Bengal White

Nitto Flat / Unknown 40 deg x 110

Bareknuckle / Chris King NoThreadset

Velocity Deep V / 32 Phil Wood

Velocity Deep V / 32 Phil Wood Fix

Sugino 75

Kashimax FG4P / Thomson

MKS Esquartz / Izumi Nickle Chain

EAI 16t/48t

This bike was originally banana yellow which was then powder coated Bengal White. It is my commuter.

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i really like that stem. i

i really like that stem. i think if more were like that i'd be more inclined to go threadless, but i can never seem to find a stem i like that isn't a traditional quill stem. i saw that it was asked already, but any idea on the maker?


Dimension makes a stem in that angle in both silver and black.

This bike

This bike is simply stunning. Reminds me of node/15155. I love them both.

the white is killer, it

the white is killer, it pulls together nicely

gorgeous gorgeous build. i

gorgeous gorgeous build. i commend you

When are we going to see

When are we going to see photos on German soil?


i love that stem. does anyone know who makes it?

thats a clean a$$

thats a clean a$$ ride...

ube - icecream - fixie!

one of my favorites,

one of my favorites, planning on getting a stock white 56 myself when they come out. amazing set-up man.

...only WHOW! Greets from

...only WHOW! Greets from Germany

really great look there, i

really great look there, i love the minimal color scheme. how do you like the short bars? i used to run a setup like that and it was great for wizzing between cars but it was virtually impossible to get any kind of torque for starting from a standstill and made it much harder to move my weight forward with anything to hold onto for skids.

Short Bars

Thanks! The Short bars are fine for me. I can get enough torque on them. I don't skid much so I haven't had much of a problem, but yea it is tougher to skid with them.

What's wrong with banana

What's wrong with banana yellow? The orange CK headset is a nice touch. Still don't know about orange tires though. It's finished.


The bike looks sick and the little touch of red gives it alot of character. Nice job!

Sick Ride..

One of my favs, just bought a 54 in Sage Green.. Can't wait to get it..

That is a beautiful set up,

That is a beautiful set up, but it looks more like a show bike, don't see it handing well on the streets.

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