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updated moth

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at least...

you have decent chain tension...

do you think having brakes

do you think having brakes could have prevented this? or was this because of another fucking stupid motorist?

crazy long skidzzz on those

crazy long skidzzz on those rims

damn that sucks - hope you are ok.

hope you had your helmet on.

hope you had your helmet on. shit. maybe you could submit it to an art exhibit, maybe for abstract. damn


hey man, where's the new GOrilla bike? you def need to get that up on here.

this is ryan (from TN, came in your shop about 2 weeks ago with 2 friends)

At least your chain is still

At least your chain is still tensioned?


so much for deep Vs being sturdy! if they cant hold up against a van what good are they anyway? *scoffs*

turns out

i did break 2 bones in my wrist. came up on the MRI but not the initial X-Rays. better for my law suit!

Wow man what happened looks

Wow man what happened looks like a bus hit your bike, ran over it, backed up, ran over it again, and drove off! Good to see that your fine... Happy riding

That sucks

This just happened to my friend a couple days ago on his road bike, A guy dozed off at the wheel and ran into his back wheel. The wheel is completly shredded the derailer is broken and one of the drop outs is broken. Not as bad as yours, But the guys gonna buy him a new bike so he dosent have to deal with insurance shit.

I would never settle

I would never settle privately for something like this...

the bike is only ONE part of the equation... and usually the most minor part...

is that a fixed tri bike? i

is that a fixed tri bike? i bet it would have been sweet had you got to finish the paint job. and congratulations for staying alive. riding the road is dangerous. people are stupid...


it looks like a leader frame. that is rattle canned.


it's a Moth frame, as stated in the title


no it was a moth frame

Glad that you are

Glad that you are OK...fortunately you were tougher than the bike! Good luck with the

chain tension

looks about right. ;)
get well soon, man.


oh wow.

Wow. That is some serious

Wow. That is some serious carnage. I'm glad to hear that you got away with just a few sprains. Heal up quick and I hope you get back on the bike soon!


Hey glad you are alive and thats all that counts.

here's the deal:

I was on my bike traveling in the right lane of three on my way home from work. i was pedaling past a side street which is actually an on ramp to a highway. checked behind me and there was a small line of cars driving properly- waiting for me to get past the street so they could use the on ramp. as soon a i look straight again... BOOM! then i was flying/tumbling forward- for 50ft. mid tumble, i see this cargo van gun it and i started screaming at this fucker mid tumble. i stopped rolling and the first guy behind me stopped, asked if i was ok, then took off after the van. the guy in the van that hit me made about 400 yards away (just before the highway) before he had an anxiety attack, stopped his van, and fell out. turns out to be a taxi van/taxi driver and he got transported to the hospital for anxiety. i was pissed! that fucker almost got away. what he did was speed up to go around the 3 or so cars that were behind me in the right lane, then cut them all off to get on the on ramp and clipped my back wheel in the process. witnesses and cops say he must have been doing 45- he got a ticket for careless driving. anyway, beleive it or not, i didn't break any bones, just sprained my elbows, left knee and ankles and i've got mad road rash. been stickin to my sheets for days.

for that

piece of shit to try and drive away i would rape him for all he's worth hopefully this all turned out well


I ride passed a Freeway off ramp like that everyday on my way to work. Thank god you are alive! I hate that part of my ride as it is during rush hour and school time and am waiting for some soccer mom in her SUV to clip me like that. The road is a dangerous place unfortunately!

that sux...

sorry about your injuries.... at least the bike's okay..

I'm Not Normally Litigious But...

...that's the kind of person I would have sued. I would've found the finest ambulance-chasing lawyer out there and really let him have it. I'm relieved you weren't hurt worse than you were. I'd never have guessed it by looking at your bike.

Why do people lose their minds?

When they're surrounded by 2 tons of steel?
Thank the higher powers you weren't killed!
I would be crying that my bike got so badly damaged,
(after I realised I was still alive)..
I hope his insurance is going to cover the replacement
cost at least. Good luck and a speedy recovery bro!


it would make a cool piece for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

although, in all seriousness i am glad you are alive.


Damn.... I would be shoot'n some people... Holy cow, do tell what happened and if you were on it. I hope you're okay.


Are you alright?!?

so whats the story? somone

so whats the story? somone must have ran over your bike or something

well, it looks like your

well, it looks like your seatpost clamp is ok...


yeah, that and my stem are in perfect condition! now all i need is... everything else.

what size is your clamp for

what size is your clamp for your moth? i have one but no seat clamp so idk what size is it

what size is your clamp for

what size is your clamp for your moth? i have one but no seat clamp so idk what size is it

Were you *on* that when it

Were you *on* that when it happened?



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