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Leader 735TR Custom

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Leader 735TR 06'

Azonic World Force Cut Down and Guizzo Stem 90mm

Leader Track Fork and Cane Creek Intergrated

Dura Ace Low Flange laces to Black Deep V Non Machined

Dara Ace Low Flange laced to Black Deep V Non Machined

Dura Ace Crankarms/ Dura Ace Bottom Bracket/ Sugino 75 Chainring

Tioga spyder (carbon)/ Dura Ace Seatpost

Crank Brothers Egg Beaters Ti Anodized Black

47/15 For the Street 49/15 For the Track

I also use a Deda Pista Stem and Handlebar for the Track. I stripped and "ball burnished" the frame myself just because the original color was hideous, it looks much better this was, I believe.

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failed!!! clearly your a

failed!!! clearly your a moron... why would you claim its a cheap leader when you can say its a fetish cycles! dude???

this is a weak ass VISP not

this is a weak ass VISP not a leader....putting the leader carbon fork on there dosent make it LEADER

This IS a Leader frame

This was a frame from 06 with a horrid purple paint job. When I purchased this frame VISP wasn't even around, I've actually been out of the game for so long I don't even know what VISP is. lol.

To everyones disbelief this IS a true Leader frame and fork.

Yes this is a Leader I dont

Yes this is a Leader I dont know why people think this was a Visp when they only came out last year and this bike has been uploaded about 4 years ago


this isn't even a leader its

this isn't even a leader its a visp

This is a Leader

You signed up just to say this isnt a Leader. Why dont you look carefully this is a Leader.


it's a VISP. Mad tarck yo. Too bad it can't madd barspinzz.

why donʻt you look

why donʻt you look carefully at the seat post tube its a visp


ya this bike is pretty NAWTS tho! nice build had that exact fork on my ebay special too haha


Visps track ends are different.
Visp isnt the only frmes that uses that cutout

................hehehe still a LEADER!

i see you have risers

how is this fork holding up for tricking and how hard are you on it



It broke?!

Big pot hole or weak frame??? I'm about to buy one of their road bikes but I'll reconsider if the frame is crap.

Big pothole.....

and 200lbs of weight. I also raced it on the track for about to years, so it did have some fatigue to it already. In my opinion, it is definitely a strong frame.



XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

love it

don't you DARE put decals back on that!

love the stripped down aesthetic taken to the extreme
take a look at this one for another BARE job, but in a very different way:

mine went the other way when it was spray-painted .... but looks clean.


Only BARE aluminum for me!!! I like frames without all the flashy logos and advertisements. I know it's impossible to find one like that now an days so the next best thing is to make it that way. Why don't u clear coat your frame or try wet sanding any imperfections. Take your time but have fun with it.

BARE too

check this one out:


Thats all I have to say!

steel, baby

my KHS is Reynolds 853 steel
- seen clearcoated steel before, and the rust under the skin ain't pretty ....


I been looking at these frames for a while
and now I am definitely going to get one!
...must have been brutal stripping that?


Not at all man, Put the paint stripper on and let it sit have patiences. I let it sit in some areas up to 15 min, it won't eat the aluminum. Then just scrape it off and wash the frame down, then wet sand with 1500/2000 grit sand paper and clear coat and your done. the pics look dirty cuz of the s****y lighting and my greasy hands from putting together. Thanks

hows the frame feel?

I was considering one of those Leader frames (either the 720 or 735) How is it? Nice and stiff? Handles well?


They're very well built and for the price they're worth it. Yea extremely stiff, I had to go with the carbon fork for use on the street and the handling is so responsive, it turns very tight. Deff go for the 735 if you want to go fixed.

Just gorgeous.

Clean and futuriffic!

under a black flag we ride

where's the coke?


reminds me of a DeLorean


LOL!! Yea kind of has that 80's car look to it now that you pointed it out.


"If my calculations are correct and you really can spin 1.21 gigawatts, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour you're gonna see some serious shit."

Serious Shit!

trust me i don't need to go 88 mph or hit 1.21 gigawatts to see some serious shit, especially when your riding the streets of NYC at night!!!

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