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Mon Peugeot est tres beau!

Bike tags: Single speed | commuter | fixed gear | peugeot
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1972 or so Peugeot UO-8

Stock (cue scary music)


Phil Wood / Mavic open sport

Surly flip-flop / Mavic open sport

Original Cups / Lucky Mystery axle found in greasy pile of axles at Utah Bicycle Collective / Sugino 170


Stock Lyotard Pedals / Blue & Silver BMX chain

48x18, flip-flop fixed/freewheel. The flip flop is for when Santa Claus comes to town.

Picked up the frame in front of my house. Some drunk bum left it there. The rest of the parts I found while picking up trash out of local creeks. I threw all of the bits in a pile next to the compost pile. One morning I was late for school and I saw that the bike had either assembled itself spontaneously, or the aphids and earthworms had rewarded me. So far I've only spent two dollars (Canadian, ouch!) on this bike. Half of that total is from the air machines at the gas station to fill up the tyres and tyubes. The other half went towards AAA batteries for the lights, and helmet polish. Sorry for the old pics, the bike is now covered with real gold and way better components. And I know the bars look so lame turned up like that. But like I said, it's for when Santa comes.

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I seem to be a verb.

I seem to be a verb.

I have

read that my type of stem can suffer from 'catastrophic stem failure'. Hmm, that doesn't sound good. I am looking for a new stem.

every stem failure is

every stem failure is catastrophic is your in motion :)

Good catch

If you check around at any bike shop that has been established for a few decades you might get lucky! They usually acumulate a bunch of old scrap parts over the years and would sell happily one for about -. Good luck on the rest of your build! It looks to be coming along well.

Don't be scared.

The hard part is over (Getting the beast apart!).


I scream with fear! Not really. Awesome bike man, and in great shape too. Yeah it is an old UO-8 Made for the American bicycle market. Oh mabey '70 to '74. Hey you can twist the cable stops right off that frame with a pliers. They were only spot welded on with two small round points, it is easy enough to touch up and would make your frame look super slick. I've got one of those god damn bikes too. Pardon my French.

ideale 34 saddle? big fan of

ideale 34 saddle? big fan of old px10's

it's uber sweet but...

I doubt it's a px-10. I think the px-10 had chromed rear stays and are quite rare. Many models had the same paint and decals though.

I think it's

a U-O8. Px-10 or not, I still love it. I am guessing it's early 70's.

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