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Blue Samson

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My Blue Samson

nitto 90 -> b123

Samson Fork, Hatta Swan Super Deluxe

Suzue Disco -> Velocity Aero

Suzue Disco -> Velocity Aero

Hatta BB -> S75

Nitto -> five gold


47t -> 16t

Not 100% happy with how its looking right now... not crazy about the drops, visually they feel pretty big in comparison to the rest of the bike. Might swap it them out for a straight bar.

Also. not sure what to do with the pedals. A part of me wants to put on set of MKS pedals, but all my other bikes are clippless pedals.. so dont wanna spend 100+ on pedals to not like them...

and im also on the fence about how the wheels turned out.. not sure i love the black on the blue. grrrr ;)

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whats that seat post angle,

whats that seat post angle, 85*? i've never seen such a steep seat post in my entire life. sweet bike!


i would go with the b125s. i tried 123s and i had the same issue.

lucky find

Enjoy building it. You now have the technology to win :)


Can't believe you snagged this beauty on eBay, it's immaculate. This would be my ideal frame & setup. Very nice!


holy crap that's hot

beautiful samson!

looking forward to seeing some progress..
your bars are in the mail:D

gorgeous frame

where did you manage to score that?

surprisingly enough i was

surprisingly enough i was able to grab this lil guy off of ebay :D

Have fun with this build.

Have fun with this build. Samson's are awesome frames. Do it justice.

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