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Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | bianchi pista track bike project. foo!
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sugino 75

brooks special/nitto

mks/izumi super tough

46/17, euro-asia track cog

before...after. here it is.

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this is just



what kind of fork is that?


basic chrome fork by spicer


Hey style fiends, there are NO RULES in bike setup. SO. If we all stop being so damn judgmental about everybody's rigs, maybe everybody will have a little more fun. Kudos on the unconventional handlebar angle. I'm gonna go slap a pair of carbon fiber risers on my funny bike from the late 80's, and see what the fashion hounds have to howl about that! Keep on doing what you WANT, and I like the preview that you gave us of what this rig will become. Can't wait to see the after pictures!

thx mixe...

bump. well after a shitload of waiting and gathering, finally set-up this ride. the picture was taken right after finishing, since then the seat has been raised to adjust for good cadence and comfort, and the stem has been lowered a bit. i don't ride the velo like most everyone, so decided to keep the angle melo.


haha... wow and the plastic platforms :[

the after picture is gonna be with straightened bars and like, some other bmx platform pedals and powerstraps or something..

heh we'll see.

I don't understand

why people buy pistas to change componentry on them. With that money spent, you could just buy a new BETTER bike.

didn't you do just that

on one of your previous builds?
perhaps you should inquire within, then.

and please level your bars.

and please level your bars. the angle at which you have them now is just silly business.

Whats with the bars? Just

Whats with the bars? Just wondering.


You aren't really going to mess with this bike (besides fixing the handlebars and getting proper pedals)? Are you? :)

so to answer everyone's comments in one reply...

smell my fingers!

ok just kidding.

aydo - yes, straight bars, with pink tassels, chrome lowrider cruiser pedals that allow me to scrape the ground when i turn, so sparks can fly, and custom kobe beef cowhide straps...but, like you said, we'll see ;)

williammmmm - people (like me) buy pistas and change components because i got it for a "hella" good deal and decided i'd just throw all the components on another frame. so maybe the concept of two for one appealed to me.

all filler - thanks for the body check to previous post

williammmm - sorry, the bolt was loose

citify - they remind me of old saggy old lady boobies

timj - hah. too late.

thanks all for the beautiful feedback. hopefully, the result is better than what you now see in the above picture.

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