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Leader 735TR *For Sale*

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Leader 735TR

Straight bars and a stem i had lying around.

High Modulus Carbon Fiber Fork w/ alumunium steerer is in the mail now. FSA Headset 1.125 IS2 threadless integrated headset

Celeste Deep V Formula hub, radial laced.

Celeste Deep V formula hub


Fi'zik Saddle

Standard pedals with a white chain

50/18 1/8 chain size

what frame size is this bike

what frame size is this bike ? and how much ?


how much are u selling your bike

you have

a really nice bike! i'm thinking of ordering one off their site tomorrow but i'm worried that the frame may be a bit big. i ride a 49cm right now. the smallest frame they have is a 51cm but i read from others that their frames run a bit small. what do you think? thanks for any advice!

i bet you would be right on

i bet you would be right on track with that. i normally ride a 59 on most other frames. but this is a 61. i think it would work out just fine.


Aside from the handlebars, this is the cleanest looking 735 I've seen.

which iro fork is it that

which iro fork is it that you've mentioned that can barspin with this frame on a 700 c wheel?? I was thinking of getting the leader fork, but reconsidered after reading about how strictly track it is. i want something that rips, but still lets me throw down some tricks. thanks a lot.

It was off the Jamie Roy.

It was off the Jamie Roy. Which I think they pulled from production =/

oooh damn. thanks anyways

oooh damn. thanks anyways though

iro fork

where can i get that fork you have. I just bought a leader 720 tr and want a fork like that. You say yours easily barspins a 700. or do you know what iro frame it was off of.


i got it off my old jamie roy. which they dont make anymore =/ that fork was on another bike of mine that i lent to a friend. it was stolen in san fransisco. i would say the best place would be ebay.

sickest bike

sickest bike ive seen so far
im lookin to buy a leader and this one is dope.
do you know if the 735 tr is the only frame that barspins a 700 or do all the frames?


its really all in your forks and front wheel. the fork i have in this picture is from my IRO and is designed to easily support a fender. which places the tire out further. with my leader forks theres no way i can bar spin with a 700c. but a 650 works out fine. hope that helps.

Yes it does. I told my

Yes it does. I told my friend i wanted to buy one and he said to never buy a leader because the frames are really weak because they are made of alluminum and not steel.


They are very well designed IMO, but they are aluminum so you have to be careful. but i beat mine up pretty harsh and only have one small dent in my top tube (barely noticeable at that) steel frames are also an easy ride as well. more give. personally i like a stiff ride cuz i feel way more in control with my bike.

ya thanks man that helps a

ya thanks man that helps a lot. definetly wanna get one. do you completely reccomend one? for the price theyre perfect. Im into more tricks but i also really wanna take it to the san diego velodrome. I beat up my last bike and ill take more care of the leader

i do

I honestly love this bike, and think im getting another one (which i dont usually go with the same brand twice). its great for both applications, tricks and racing. i use it as my commuter bike, and rock out at our plaza area in town. you cant beat the price tag for how well theyre engineered. i wouldnt expect to see them remaining as affordable for too many more generations of this frame.


they are not that much weaker than any other aluminum, whoever said that is full of bullshit


know where i can buy a leader?

buy one right off the site.

buy one right off the site. they we re super nice guys when i bought mine, and helped out a bunch when i asked about compatible parts and everything. go Leader


Random bike shops can order them for you. I got mine off their ebay store though.


thanks. Do yuo also know where i can get those grips? hard to find some the same color as those dep V's.


i dont know where i got those ones. but ive seen the same brand in shops that carry bmx bikes. i believe i got mine in san fransisco tho

frame size

Is that frame a 61 cm?. The bike's wild, it kinda reminds me of the sr17 blackbird. Is it as fast. It looks like it could be the pilots getaway bike. No but seriously I'm weighing it up with a Bianchi Pista Concept at the moment.

It is

It is a 61. I like it alot. Pretty solid frame. I think its a better buy than the concept. too pricey and just a 'delicate' of a frame. My old roommate has a concept neither seemed like a bad bike, just rode different is all. Can't beat the price though of the Leader though.

toe overlap

you get any toe overlap with this frame? i was thinking about getting one..

I do not

I do not have any clipping problems. I've even switched to the leader fork, which is way more track. But I ride a 61 with 165 cranks. That may have something to do with it. You can always switch out forks to a more relaxed geometry and/or get shorter cranks.

alright thanks. yeah i'd be

alright thanks. yeah i'd be getting a 58, but that helps to know


i totally saw this kid right here do a fucken crazy no handed backfflip 900 of the sidewalk.
it was nuts.


True story!

love it... any particular

love it... any particular seatpost, or just generic?


looks so good.

i have a friend getting a leader frame.

i'm really jealous.

Absolutely beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.


yeah, that bike's pretty rad. any more info about the frame?


what kind of info? ive had it for about 4 months now. and i tend to be a little to hard on this bike. so far no problems. some one said they had their chain stay break cuz the mashed a pot hole.. its got me worried. but not worried enough to change the way i ride. hope that helps?


So simple, so elegant. That rear-wheel clearance is nuts!!


can this bike barspin with a 700c? How far back do your feet have to be to barspin?


with how its pictured i can do barspins with ease. almost dont have to watch my where my feet are. but how my bike currently is i cannot. i have a different for on it. the new fork is way to tucked to be able to spin around. its a cleaner look, but not as fun =/

bike and sign

I love the bike and the sign!

i like it

do the decals come off? nice otherwise.

they don't come off. it made

they don't come off. it made me real sad. I'm gonna end up painting the frame by summer though.

hell yea

im building up that frame and forks this weekend, does that fork clear for bar spins?

with the setup I have here I

with the setup I have here I can bar spin with ease. the iro forks I have on it have so much clearance its great. but when I rock my leader forks its a barely able to turn story. very track specific look to the bike at that point. I have to get this profile updated haha.


Looking good.

na na na na na na batman!

i mean LEADER!


hahahahahahhahaha awesome reference! i almost didnt catch it.


that frame is simply sick
and the only thing i have for you other than sweet as hell
is the Barpad
a frame like that is tooo badass for a barpad
if you rock one
id put something totally obscure on it
because i havent seen a frame like it on the street
and trust me i get around on the street

thanks man. i really

thanks man. i really appreciate it.


I just ordered a Leader frame today
so i will be switching out my Bianchi Pista for that
and putting on some Campy Cranks and
phil Wood hubs on velocity Deep Vs
so it will be a different kinda monster
I saw one that was Beadlasted down to aluminum that was killer
but idk what im going to do
something custom on top of what im already doing

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