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bridgestone (51.5 and purple)

Bike tags: Track bike | bridgestone | keirin | njs | nyc | more tags >>
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51.5 Bridgestone njs

nitto - oury grips on top with clear champ grips on the bar ends

bridgestone fork and hatta swan headset

32h phil - velocity non-machined deep v (blk spokes)

32h phil - velocity non-machined deep v (blk spokes)

sugino 75 bb and sugino 75 crankset

selle slr gel flow saddle - cheap seat post

mks platform - mks clips - mks suede double strap


Removed the velocity stickers from the rims. It looks much cleaner. Still don't plan on ever locking it up.

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Very nice frame , but those

Very nice frame , but those oury grips just look terrible on there. Either take them off, or wrap the bars (theres some very good wrap available) , to really look perfect.

remove the velocity stickers

remove the velocity stickers and that greenish tire too...


like everyone else, i love your bike. i love my frame but would still trade it for a njs bridgestone any day. the theme looks great but my only interject would be only having 1 skid patch, it deserves more.

Who needs porn...

or a girlfriend when you got this baby.

bike is sex'

bike is sex'

is tits!!!

shit is tits!!!

Oh My Gosh

What perfectly interpreted precision!

XXX Miss Stephanye the
Single Speed Deamon

i cant stop drooling

i cant stop drooling





one wicked ride

this is one of my favorite bikes. it screams to be ridden. nice work.

Still one of my favorite

Still one of my favorite bikes to see on the site.


How much for the frame?

not for sale


If you are looking for stuff

If you are looking for stuff to buy check out the marketplace. You will have better luck there than posting on random bikes!

rear tire

super cool tire, what is that?!

just a vittoria rubino.

just a vittoria rubino. nothing special.

Nice bike. Been wanting a

Nice bike. Been wanting a Bridgestone to build up.



this is dope. rear tire is

this is dope. rear tire is the shittt, so are the wheels.


Looks awesome!

i love it

i love it

I just finished building my

I just finished building my bike and I wish it looked like that .


you somehow managed to get a picture of my bike in your profile... weird... oh and you bikes real nice to... yeaassshhh

Solid bike!

Solid bike!

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