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Ridley Oval Track Bike

Bike tags: Fixed gear | black and white | mavic ellipse | Ridley
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54cm Ridley Oval

Specialized Risers with ODI Mushroom Grips; FSA Stem *or* Nitto 123aa Drops; Thomson 120mm -10degree Stem

Stock Carbon Fork; FSA Headset

Mavic Ellipse

Mavic Ellipse

Sugino 75 Crankset with 49t Chainring; Sugino 75 Bottom Bracket

Selle San Marco Saddle; FSA Seatpost

Dimension Track Pedals with MKS Clips and Double Straps; Izumi Track Chain

Euro-Asia Imports 17t

i'm a little jealous..

i'm a little jealous..

how much did somethin like

how much did somethin like that cost?


hey, can you give me some info on the wheels. so 9mm alxe?

How Much?

How much did you get it for?


How do you like those wheels? I was wondering with the low spoke count how well they hold up on the street?

bar combo..

I hate risers as much as the next hater- but why is everyone rippin on jesse here? He has put together a decently sweet ass bike. There are plenty of other fools on here with ridiculous riser set-ups that we can all bust on.


a bar and stem combo dont make the bike either. i think risers are a pretty comfortable ride.


it looks kinda slack. what is the head tube and seat tube angles? i mean can you actually race this or is it just a road frame with track drop-outs


It's a fairly aggressive track frame with 54cm c-c seat tube and top tube. The seat tube angle is 75.5 and the head tube angle is 72 with a wheelbase of right about 96cm. So it's really comparable to say a Pista Concept but actually a little bit lighter.

It rides great, it's super nimble and aggressive and I love it. It rides like an aluminum bike for sure though, meaning that you feel every little bump and crack in the road but thats to be expected on any light bike.

what year is this frame from?

the geo looks sUper lax compared to any other oval i've ever seen.

im going to get one of these

im going to get one of these for myself for racing, but the fork they have on the website is different than yours. what year is your frame?

Stem & bar suck! Otherwise a

Stem & bar suck! Otherwise a niccce bike ...

Great comment, so much

Great comment, so much insight.

Awesome frame, hows it ride?

OK, Greg, just for you, my

OK, Greg, just for you, my dear webmaster: This would be a great bike for serious track racing. But the "control unit" ruins everything. Even on the road this combination looks awful. In other words: it sucks :p
Nice frame and wheels don't necessarily make a nice bike. ... And I would really appreciate watching you trying to accelerate this bike. This will look funny---for sure! With a handlebar like this you won't get enough power on the drive train to win a sprint against one of our 70+years masters (on a 30+years steel bike).

"Even on the road this

"Even on the road this combination looks awful. In other words: it sucks :p"

so if it LOOKS awful it sucks? obviously risers aren't for track riding, and I prefer drops on my bike, but at least give a better reason than looks for hating...

I have a few bar/stem

I have a few bar/stem combos... Check the new pictures and see if they suit your fancy...

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