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Lé Dirty French Roller Peugeot CFX-10

Bike tags: Road bike | 51cm | CFX-10 | Ideale | peugeot | more tags >>
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Dirty French Roller


Reynolds | Lightrace

french | michelin pro

french | michelin pro


Chopped Saddle | french

french french french


My ideal is in the mail. All french and always dirty. Single speed because the aluminum alloy front derailer clamp broke and and I haven't found another like it.

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I've got a PFN10 frame that's the same color - your tires, are they "digital blue"? They match the frame awesome, looks cool.

What'd you do to chop the

What'd you do to chop the saddle? Looks great


check out my peugeot- separated at birth? do you know anything about this model? i have one like it here and couldnt find any info about it. any help would be appreciated.



the bike is a PXN-10 i just recently found out about two days ago. feel free to email me @ [email protected], i will send you links, as i come accross them. it's from 1980-1982

how did you

how did you know that? just skills or from a website? please pm with links or email at: umbrellabikes[at]yahoo[dot]com



fresh ride

fresh ride

Bonito Frame

Hola friend, the bicycle this very beautiful.

derailleur, front

Tell me what front derailleur you're after and chances are I or a a contact can come up with one at cost (cheap). I live in France and I know a lot of collectors. Nice bike you've got there !!!

Good Looking Out

Thanks! I need one with the pearl peugeot logo on it or just the removable clamp from it. I can send you a pic if needed.

braze on?

Is this the Peugeot standard braze-on version or the clamp on version? Simplex Super LJ? 5000? 6000? All metal or delrin? with a lever or a piston?



Yes, certainly send me a photo and I'll put the word out. Unless it's a ultra rare item one should turn up. [email protected]

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