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Trek 500, 1984, 60 cm, Reynolds 501

Deda 285, 3t

Tange mangalloy (stock), Ritchie logic

Record low flange hub, Araya rim, Panasonic tire

Record low flange hub, Araya rim, Panasonic tire

Sachs New Success (Sachs-labeled Campy Athena or Chorus), Campy Athena

Unicanitor, no-name Italian alloy post

Kyokuto alloy road pedals with Christophe clips and Giant straps

FD Campy Nuovo Record, 53-42; RD Shimano 600, 28-14 5-speed freewheel

I got the wheels in 1979, when I wanted to race, but got busy with other things and they were in my Mom's garage until about a year ago. Other old parts came from ebay. When I started I just wanted functional, so I cleaned the surface rust from the frame, and touched up with rustoleum. Got a bunch of Italian parts from ebay, mostly in a package deal from a guy cleaning house, and sort of stumbled on a mostly-Italian theme.

The Unicanitor is too hard, so it has been swapped for a San Marco Squadra.

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Great build. Adding to the

Great build. Adding to the vintage Trek cluster.


100% respek for the modern

100% respek for the modern crankset on the vintage bike; great way to mesh old and new.

Well done.

Dig it!

Historic, not ugly


I don't think its ugly unlike the guy above. I like how the frame is low key, and shows some history behind it and you haven't just gone and resprayed for the hell of it and could imagine it just being used and ridden the hell out of which is what a bike is for!

Thanks for the comment on my Viking by the way, didn't know anyone would notice it because of all the modern components I stuck on it!


The Trek...

I swear to god man. Every fucking Trek on this site has a comment like "nice bike". With do respect to old school steel, the Treks are really ugly bikes. I also have noticed that people who own these things spend way too much money to get them rolling. 1979 was almost 30 years ago by the way...


Check out this Mike Appel: one of the original Trek builders

or my vintage Trek:

the original Treks were absolutely beautiful frams, with the wrap around seat stays and well built as well, look at how many are still around!

Yeah, 1979 is almost 30 years ago

and I rode my Viscount with lousy wheels for commuting, etc. until it was stolen, and several utilitarian bikes in the mean time, but 30 years is too long to let the good wheels sit. Not as classy as your rides, but it's a decent frame that fits me and lets me ride them. Reynolds 501 is .9-.6-.9 mm, compared to .8-.5-.8 for 531, and the ride has some springiness. Spent too much? More than a Walmart bike, but a lot less than any new non-Walmart road bike I know of. This is sort of a jumble of parts that struck me as suitable, good quality and relatively cheap.

Very nice -- we had one of

Very nice -- we had one of these come through our co-op, where I volunteer. A wonderful old-school long-haul road bike.

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