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Cinelli Laser Pista FOR sale on EBAY now

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | Cinelli Pista Track Laser

Too small for me.

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How high... that bottom bracket!


absolutely gorgeous

Cinelli laser

Would you ever sell it?


if price is right

i almost sharted when i saw

i almost sharted when i saw this. amazingly beautiful bike.

How do you end up with a

How do you end up with a bike like this anyway? Obviously if it's not your size, it's not like you bought it from a store or custom...


Do you want to give this beauty a new home in Germany? I would be very interested to get her.

interested ????????????

everyone on this site that rides a track bike is interested in this thing


wow that is a beauty the frame is amazing and the geometry looks real tight and fun, what size is she?

what a shame

it looks just perfect and it has my size.

Dude... just keep them coming, don't you?
That's one sweet ride to add to your already sweet stable.



Yeah, I think I'am addicted

I think there

are 12 step programs for people like you... Fantastic bikes man!


my wife said that if i get any more bikes, she'll cut my balls off.


It $ure looks about my $ize.

That is one hell of a frame!

Art Deco

Serves well as a deco piece in my living room

....wish it were my siiiiize


I would build and decorate a house around this bike....incredible

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