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Fixie carbon monster bike

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A SCOTT carbon roadframe that is cut a sliced and rebuilt.

Homemade in balsawood and carbonfiber

some random carbonfork that is cut of to fit my 26tt wheel

Mavic 3G 650tt (soon to be a campagnolo disc)

miche primato, Araya CT19 / (soon to be a campagnolo disc)

Zues, Campy

homemade in balsawood and carbonfiber. Integrated in the frame

Ofmega sprint


I'll soon work on the painjob. But I think its pretty fun riding around on it as it is. It scares the hell
out of people. They dream nightmare about this bike:-)

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Fuckin dope. Ride it like

Fuckin dope. Ride it like you stole it (made it?)

bad ass

this bike is really sweet because you made it yourself but i really think it needs a rear disc.

Definately art.

Very unique!

-Sean Scandalous

sooo sick!

sooo sick!

Its fun scaring the shit out of people

I'm just a girl on the street..

Love it! Love the bull horns =) I'd be so scared to ride it, good luck on painting that beast.

good god man. what have you

good god man. what have you created.

your creation-

LUV it.

you should sell me your

you should sell me your front wheel


That ride is boss! You rock.


That thing looks like a chameleon...that is what you call a genuine original.

Leave it just how it

Leave it just how it is.
It's perfect!


I love it but I need the saddle to be about 1mm higher!

This bike is...

F****n gangster. Monster no doubt! Much respect for the DIY carbon! I've done a bit of carbon work, and at home with basic tools can be hard! The integrated seatpost/seat is sweet, and I'm diggin the angles of the handlebars!


I just threw up a little in my mouth...but hey, mad scientists are not appreciated the way they should be!


that's hilarious GR666...

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