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The Iron Monkey

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Old steel Novara with dents. It had vines growing through it when I got it.

Chopped up aluminum drop bars on a Coda stem from a parts box that looked neat, then painted matte black.

Uh, well, from that Novara. It turns out, it's a little bit twisted. I'll take the twist out someday — steel, you know.

From a Huffy. I'm not kidding. Bontrager Road Warrior tire 26 x 1.25".

From a Huffy. Look, I know I'm not going to make friends this way, but they were aluminum, straight, and free.

Dura Ace 53 tooth with 170mm Dura Ace crank. On the right. The left one is a Korean company... Sakae?

Bontrager saddle from a box of cast-offs at the LBS. Seat post was *new*! I don't know the brand. It's aluminum.

Big black pedals and a cheap new chain.

53:13, 53:~27 (it skips in 6th. It's an awful cluster.) 7 speeds. Soon to build that back rim into a new wheel with an 11 high.

Shimano Somethingorother derailleur. Can't read it anymore. The arm was springing the wrong way. Someone had taken it apart and put it back together without cocking the spring. Edit: It's now got the old Shimano LX RD from my Trek 6500 that got too wobbly to index right but works just fine with friction.

The derailleur cable jackets are stainless steel springs from McMaster-Carr.

Looking back in 2009, I learned a bunch from building this bike. With a new mountain rear wheel and some cleaning (it got wet and salty two winters ago), this could still be a good bike. And when I do, I'm going to take a new picture where it doesn't look like I'm pregnant.

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Regarding your comment: "From a Huffy. Look, I know I'm not going to make friends this way, but they were aluminum, straight, and free. "

Well, lets see... being the cheap bastard I am, I would've done the same thing. Aluminum, straight and free is good enough.

You'll see a lot of the same attitude in my bikes.

Built for a beer belly ride.

Built for a beer belly ride.

Iron monkey

was a really bad ass movie.

all of your bikes have super duper awesome names.

Hey, thanks! And it *was* a

Hey, thanks!

And it *was* a badass movie.


*still is*

I stand corrected! I'll take

I stand corrected!

I'll take any Tsui Hark instead, though.

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