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1985 Record - Soviet Track Bike USSR

Bike tags: Fixed gear | soviet fixed gear track ussr record russia russian ukraine
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1985 хвз рекорд (khah-v-z Record)

Cinelli 62-42 84' Olypmic time trial bars / Cinelli 110 track stem

Campagnolo Record 1" Threaded Headset

ZIPP 3000 carbon trispoke, current build. 700c carbon fiber Russian made троика (Troika), original build

ZIPP 3000 carbon trispoke, current build. 700c carbon fiber Russian made троика (Troika), original build

Campagnolo Victory Crankset 42 170mm / Campagnolo Record

Selle Italia Max Flite/ 25mm Campagnolo Nuovo Reggisella Super Record seat post

Gearing: 42 / 16

1985 Soviet Olympic Track frame manufactured in Kharkov, Ukraine

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zipp 3000

Nice bike. Im looking for front zipp3000 wheel. Please do let me know if you want to sell.

im absolutely in love with

im absolutely in love with this thing. any soviet track bike gives me a huge boner, but this one takes a cake.


i have a ptonka tri as well. i cant find any info on it anywhere though. the guy i bought it off said it was made out of Kevlar and balsa wood. its lighter than my hed 3 and feels strong enuff to ride but im hesitant. do you know where i could learn more about these rims?


either yours are backwards or hustlejr.'s is. his is facing like a zipp 3000 with graphics that agree with its direction. yours are facing the opposite way with graphics that also agree with their direction. Do you know if yours were ever re-decaled or anything?

Yes, the Russian copy is

Yes, the Russian copy is backwards vs. the zipp 3000. Decals are all original. Unfortunately the trokia wheels were far inferior compared to the awesome engineering of the zipp 3000. Even at the Time these photos were taken, the rims were damaged beyond use. They are a good collectors piece, wish I had never ridden them on the road. Currently I have a set of white zipp 3000's on this frame, they look great and ride sweet!

good info.

thanks! do you still have your black rear 3000 from your joker? i've had a front forever and have always been wanting to complete the set.


where did you got that frame? i've got one too, 58cm, red

go рeкopд!

Sick bike, dude What sort of

Sick bike, dude

What sort of measurements does a ruski bike have? Is it just regular Birt/ISO?

Raw as hell. I love the bars

Raw as hell. I love the bars and the Teeponks or Tponka or what ever gibberish it is.

russian troika

The Russian Troika is a sledge drawn by three horses. Root of the word Troika (Tройка) comes from number three and Troika by itself means three of a kind, a collection of three...
So in this context it probably has a same meaning as "three spoke" in english language.

Those wheels look like they are made of wood or mdf.

Very nice bike BTW.

Thanks for your comment and

Thanks for your comment and knowledge of Russian history. I know a lot about Russian culture and language and I'm constantly having to explain the origin of this bike. My biggest frustration is people calling it a pekopa when it is clearly rekord. maybe I'm too judgmental, not everyone reads Cyrillic:). Btw, the wheels are an early Russian attempt to make a carbon fibre rim... a copy of the zipp 3000 wheels from the late 80's.

Love the LA84's...

Uncut LA84 bars are totally rad. I hate that people cut them down, because then they just look like their shorter nitto copy. Those wheels are fresh too, sucks that no one on this site can read russian.

Legit ride.

troika troyka tponka

Good to know that someone else in the world has these wheels. I picked up mine from a tri-dude and he said he picked it up off some dude in the USA. That's all I got. I've been calling them TPONKA though.

a lot like zipp 3000s

except facing the way that you'd expect them to.


its troyka not trokiya troyka just means 3

thats correct

That "p" in the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet is equivalent to an "R"
Russian has a symbol that looks like a backwards "R" but it makes a sound like "ya".


Seriously nice! A quick release rear seems worrisome.




Where did you come across those wheels?


I love it! How does it ride?

Really really sweet looking

Really really sweet looking bike, I bet it rides awesome too, and I'd love to have one of my own. Especially since I used to collect all kinds of DDR(east Germany)/Soviet articles and this frame is from the year I was born, so that makes it twice as cool.

in russia

bike rides you.

in 1926 stallin tried to

in 1926 stallin tried to cross breed humans and apes......fucking commies




i mean your bike

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