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Purple Kalavinka

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | charlotte | daily ride | KALAVINKA | more tags >>
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Kalavinka Super Exhibition

NItto 100 Nitto b123aa

Kalavinka, Hatta

suzue carbon radial to deep v

suzue carbon 3x to deep v

Hatta BB, Sugino 75

Nitto, Kashimax five gold 8

Dimension MKS, Zen ring, MIche chain

Surly cog, 48x17

My daily ride, dont have a it went into my bike. I love it. The frame has a series of 3 Gianni Versace stickers on the frame and fork...if anyone knows whats up with this let me know. (i'm not complaining...It's gorgious)
check out

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i'm a sucker for metal flake

i'm a sucker for metal flake

and kalavinka

and kalavinka



this has gotta be one of my

this has gotta be one of my favorite builds i've seen. how do you like the carbon suzues?


Hey man, don't know you but your in the Charlotte cluster, so...

New forum site for local events, tech talk, FS/WTB and other stuff.

Sign up and have a look around, and hopefully it will grow quickly. Just hosted it yesterday.

And very nice Kalavinka also.

yo...mtv raps!!!

this is a gorgeous ride. its my wallpaper. just thought id let you know


"a series of 3 Gianni Versace stickers"

You mean Kalavinka(name of a bird in Chinese legend) stickers??
Do you have pics of the stickers?? can I see them if you have??

Thanks, The wheels in the


The wheels in the photo are just for perspective.
I have some tacky ass red velocity's to throw on there.
oh yes..

I went to black sheep the other day and almost shat myself at the sight of the vanilla.


you wouldn't happen to live in charlotte..would you?
I met a guy named chris who had this exact bike from black sheep in charlotte

haha yeah that me finally

haha yeah that me finally got some pics to send

so you dont live in

so you dont live in charlotte?

Nope, I live in Durham...I

Nope, I live in Durham...I was at a party for Nikko last time I was out there and saw your bike and all that.

yeah, are you gonna

yeah, are you gonna set up a ride soon?

For the budget I set up, my

For the budget I set up, my Bianchi is kinda done...I just need to take some updated pictures. I've had my fixed for a year or so..I'm finally getting around to putting some more work into it...still, I'm broke as hell. But of my ride will be up soon..and my name is Brian.

sweet man let me know when

sweet man let me know when they're up

yeah..i have an unfinished

yeah..i have an unfinished photo of my bianchi up..


this has to be one of my favorite bikes I have seen. simply stunning.


awesome build.....

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