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Lighthouse (Tim Neenan + Antonio Mondonico)

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Lighthouse 54cm (Built by Tim Neenan)

Cinelli Top Ergo 64/42 and black anodized Cinelli 110mm stem

NOS Chrome plated Antonio Mondonico fork with a Dura Ace 7400 series Headset

Campagnolo Omega laced to Shimano 600 hub

Campagnolo Omega laced to Shimano 600 hub

Campagnolo Athena

San Marco Regal, 3TTT

Shimano 600, SRAM

53, 42 and a 7 speed cassette in the rear (13-21), Dura Ace 7401 Rear Derailleur

My well loved Lotus Grand Prix got stolen along with my roommate's (New to him) Trek 360. Naturally, I wanted to replace my heirloom of a bike with one that I would truly want to ride for the rest of my life. The frame was built by Tim Neenan, a California framebuilder who was credited as the guy who built and designed some of Specialized's most recognized frames. (Allez and Stumpjumper) The fork was built by Antonio Mondonico just before he retired. When I came across the fork, the seller told me that Mondonico built frames for Masi, Guerciotti, Cinelli and Colnago during his career.

Originally, the frame was built up with all Campy Record. Unfortunately, I did't have that kind of green laying around, so I did my best to keep things of the proper vintage. Fully equipped it weighs about 21lbs.

I ride this bike nearly every day, and I receive frequent compliments on the bike, from passersby to seasoned roadies. I'd say this build was a success for me, not only from what others have said, but from the feeling I get every time I ride it.

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in the second photo what is that engine on the table?



It was for a set of rollers

It was for a set of rollers in my metal studio.

I am partial to Orange

I am partial to Orange bikes! This is Beautiful! Sorry to hear about your Lotus.


Lighthouse cycles are amazing. Love these colors. I recently had a bit of conversation with Tim Neenan who is also the master behind the Specialized Expedition of which I own one..
My frames seem large to most others I see and folks often think they're too big for me. I have a 35.5" inseam, but I'm only 5' 9". So my road frames are 60s and my touring frames are 25" or 63.5.

That's awesome! A few weeks

That's awesome! A few weeks ago, I shot Tim an email not long after he set up his website and resumed frame building. He's definitely a cool guy, and oddly enough, he and I have backgrounds in jewelry making.


of your bikes seem too small for you. I mean, at LEAST a centimeter or three. I think you would be surprised at how well a properly sized bicycle handles.


I'm 5'9", and I used to ride larger bikes, 58-61cm, ones my father used to own (he is about 6'0"). During that time I rode some smaller bikes belonging to friends and saw the difference so I got myself measured and fitted. My inseam length was 32.5" and it was suggested that I try finding a frame between 55 and 57cm. When I switched to smaller frames, I found cycling to be more pleasurable, in fact, I'd say this bike fits me the best out of all of them.

Now if you want to talk small frames, my roommate rides a 52cm Takara with the shortest stem I have ever seen, and he's 6'3".

I was...

JOKING! Your bikes are huge. You can tell when the saddle is slammed to the top tube that maybe, just maybe a bike might be too large for a rider. I think it's cool though. It's like driving a city bus.

Nice visual blackout effect

The combination of black rims/seat/bars/stem w/ the red-orange makes the frame, crank and fork really "pop" out - slick look.

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