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Johan Sebastian von Pinkertonheimer III

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Peugeot PB-xx Series Frame (circa 1980) outfitted with UGLY! Pads

Profile Design TT Bullhorn Bars & SR stem

Peugeot fork, Le Shite generic headset

(Amarillo) Velocity Deep V lovingly laced to a Suzue hub

(Amarillo) Velocity Deep V lovingly laced to a Suzue hub

Shimano 600, 175mm Arms

Selle Italia Flite Trans Am Saddle, Frenchie French Generic Seat Post

MKS (njs) Track Pedals w/ black and orange leather straps; pinkie pink chain

Flip-flop: 52x19 ->fixed // 52x16 ->freewheel

Peugeot steel is some of the most flexible steel I've ever come across; it's ridiculously absorbent, though not to a fault. Although if you were doing legitimate races at the velodrome (which I don't) you would definitely find this frame to be a good bit too squooshy - it wouldn't be nearly stiff and responsive enough. This steel is so bloody flexible that my 250lb. 6'6" gentle giant of a friend can actually make the frame visibly flex - it scares the shit out of me when he does it, though. Profound insight: riding on this frame is akin to riding atop a French-made marshmallow machine equipped with wheels n' shit. Yeah, you know...

Another cool factoid: I picked this frame up for at a local used bike shop and had the wheels made for me here in Madison at The Yellow Jersey.

The tube pads were custom-made by Dion of UGLY! Pads. He does excellent work! Here's his website:

And finally, as they certainly do not say in France: "Le Blah!"

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very nice! wah wa weha,

great color scheme . cool background. awesome conversion.

well done indeed!

and excellent photography/presentation to boot. good call on the thick black bg for the text.

anyway, i have a question.

i see that you are running your chainring on the outside. i almost never see that with stock BBs. did it just work out or did you change the bottom bracket?


nice Peugeot....

Well done sir!

So many peugeots out there and they are all converted the same. yours goes above that and is tastefully wowing.

what kind of tires are

what kind of tires are those? They have yellow walls right?

Indeed they are!

They're Michelin Lithions; the walls are yellow, and on the part of the tire that makes contact with the ground there are two black stripes centered around a yellow stripe. I'm a big fan of these tires; ish a piece and they look great with yellow Deep V's!

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