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Colnago Super Pista

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Pista | Track
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Colnago Super 52cm

Cinelli 67-39 / Cinelli 2A 100mm

Colnago / Campagnolo Pista

Campagnolo Record 36H 3x Mavic Piste Tubular / Tufo S3 Pro


Campagnolo Pista 165mm / Campagnolo 70-P-120

Selle Italia Flite / Campagnolo Record Aero

Campagnolo Pista / KMC Z510

Campagnolo Steel 15T / Campagnolo chainring 49T

Not a single NJS stamp found here. In case you're wondering this is NOT Absntr's old bike.

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for sale?

for sale?


really nice bike


Wow. Adding to the cluster.


perfect. you don't often see bikes as well thought out as this one in chicago. almost like you found it in your grandpas attic.

Beautiful as a bike can be.

Thanks for not ruining it.

This bike is bad as hell!

This bike is bad as hell!

quite possibly the most

quite possibly the most beautiful bike on here.

Hola !

Hola, Your bike is simply beatiful, total facination, good cyclo, "Sweet dreams in the road", bay Friend.


Quite possibly my favorite Pista in this whole mess of steel with stellar shots that add to the mix. Those wheels make Deep Vs and multi-color, spoke card shod, day-glow options resemble Circus Wagons with Psilocybin Clowns.

this is how a bike should

this is how a bike should look no joke. anyone riding anything thats not tring to look this original is just some track alien. who needs baseball cards and skulls? hahah fucks

This is what its all about!!

You put all the time and cash together and then you can sit back and look at how cool it looks, and thats before you even ride it. Just a real sweet bike you got there buddy!


For me, that chromed fork crown just makes this bike. I dig the wheel build too, nicely tied together with the red tufos.

super pista.


"When the goin' gets weird, the weird turn pro." H.S.T.


Immaculate.. this ride is pretty much the closest thing to perfect for a pista build.. paradigm for my next build. How long did it take for you to source/build her?

hecka hella tight!!!!!!!

hecka hella tight!!!!!!!

Absolutely stunning! Me

Absolutely stunning! Me want.


Apparantly it’s Absntr's twin…

A thing of beauty.

A work of art.


you gotta ace some links there.

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