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LandShark custom track frame (56cm) with custom paint job. Fillet-brazed Columbus MAX steel.

Major Taylor handlebars with diamond wrapped drops and clear oury grips at the top. Land shark custom stem.

Landshark custom straight-bladed steel fork / Profile design BDC full carbon fork. Cane Creek S-5 headset (threadless)

Low-flange Dura Ace track hub laced radially to Mavic Open Pro rim.

Low-flange Dura Ace track hub laced half-radially to Mavic Open Pro rim.

Dura Ace 7710 cranks & BB

Selle Italia Max Flite saddle. Thomson elite seat post.

MKS sylvan pedals with double-gated steel clips and Toshi double straps. Purple KMC Z-Chain.

15t cog (dura ace) : 46t chainring (cannondale) = 80.9 gear inches w/15 skid spots. Surly tuggnut tensioners.

I got this frame last year and immediately fell in love - I hope she outlasts me.

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this bike is beautiful.

this bike is beautiful.

about the columbia...

i would consider it, but alas...i am not racing since i co-organized the event!

gonna see your ass there or what?!


Amazing brake!

I'm loving the Tektro time trial brake... I've always wondered what one of those would look like on a fixed gear.

Though, I'd almost want to try a different cable routing. What if you could run the cable through the top of the stem and inside the fork column so the cable exits at the bottom of the fork, making a tidy loop to the brake noodle? You'd need to figure out a way to secure the headset without a top cap and starnut, but it's been done before.

Just a thought. Beautiful bike.

re: brake

Hey thanks! I totally agree with you - the cable routing is a bit loose and distracting. Maybe I can drill a hole on the underside of the stem? I wouldn't want to mess with the structure of the fork, however, as carbon has a reputation for fracturing. Also, I don't think there's enough clearance with the tire to feed it through the bottom of the fork. For now, I've just taken the brake and lever off (mainly because I'm having issues with my headset) so we'll see what changes once I figure things out. Thanks again! ahh.. bike love.

FGG #3244

I was led here by way of the fixed gear gallery.... So I had to give a shout-out.

Subcomment: The haiku engraved on my stem and the monograms engraved on my toeclips were done by me with a computerized engraving machine. email me at [email protected] if you want any componentry personalized, I'll see what I can do.

Awesome! Fantastic bike

Awesome! Fantastic bike

"velograve" has a nice ring

"velograve" has a nice ring to it, drop me an email: [email protected]

Maybe the best Landshark I have seen!

Hope it rides as nice!


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