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Samba Bike- now Emerald Kilo- check out its new page!

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Mericer Kilo TT 53cm frameset from bike island (no decals or clearcoat)

Deda Pista Elementi Track drops / deda quattro

mercier kilo TT cut to threadless, cane creek s-2 threadless headset



kazane gold/shimano un-73

fizik pave / promax

mks sylvan track/kmc hx

dia compe brs1000/origin8 cross

soma track kog 16t/Kazane 48t

bike is currently disassembled and awaiting powdercoat. got REAL tired of the thin chipped black paint. the paint was never a high point of this frame.

keeping the adidas theme, but it's going to be way more subdued and if i have my way, the new finish should be extremely attractive.

colnago track drops are beautiful things. got them taped up and on the bike, it's no longer wearing deda formalwear.

i love my gold kazane 144bcd 48t cranks from keirin culture. originally i had built this up with parts from my conversion, but i've since replaced everything. cranks were the last to get upgraded, and what an upgrade it was.

In sept. 07, as far as i know, this was the only threadless mercier kilo TT with the stock fork... if your steerer tube is long enough, you can use the stock fork threadless... now that they're shipping them threadless from bd, it's not so special.

this bike is heavy. heavier than I would hope. that's what happens when you use cheap parts. it's still fast, stiff, and a thrill to ride.

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All I ever wear on my feet. Glad someone appreciates the shoe as much as I do.


what kind of saddle is that??? sick

i swear that this bike

alone is the reason that a half million people (slight exaggeration) got kilos.

looks great.

Cutting the fork

How hard was it to cut down the fork. I have an 07 Kilo TT with a threaded fork. There are so many more options with a threadless fork. Thanks.

Btw, the bike looks awesome.

Very Clean!

god DUDE! clean build. I just ordered a black kilo from 53cm, and im hoping it shud turn out like this! This isnt barspinnable is it? Doesnt matter if it isnt, but im thinking about getting one of those spacer things.


Where did you get a kilo tt as a frame and fork only? I can only find it online as a complete bike from bikes direct for 350

bikesdirect has an affiliate

bikesdirect has an affiliate site bikeisland that they sell framesets through. when i got it you could only get it in black and it was 170 shipped.

Bar Tape

What did you wrap the bars with? I have the same seat and it looks really clean.

brown tape

the brown tape is salsa thick and zesty brown bar wrap. the darker of the two that i saw.

you need a giant fender

you need a giant fender for the tongue

haha not a bad idea,

haha not a bad idea, especially here in seattle.

how did

you get that thomson to fit? isnt the x2 1 1/8!??!?! help please! 1" seem to be extinct!

pretty sure they have a shim

pretty sure they have a shim to make it fit

nice bike!

yeah there's a shim. also,

yeah there's a shim. also, it's not an x2 it's just an elite.



im workin on building my oranger mercier up rite now but ur bikes looks good

thanks, post up yours when

thanks, post up yours when it's done. i love orange kilos.


How did you run brakes on your bike with those wheels? they look like the dp18's without the machined braking surface. Did you use different wheels when you rode with brakes? or did you somehow paint over the machined braking sidewall?

i have a regular machined

i have a regular machined front that i use when i run a brake. i don't use brakes on these wheels.

I wonder why it's so heavy,

I wonder why it's so heavy, mine weighs in at 17.5

my wheels are pretty damn

my wheels are pretty damn heavy. and i'm not sure i had a good scale.

Stem Angle

Love the build. Just bought the same frame. Wondering what your stem angle is. in your description are you saying that the stem you have is +- 10 degrees? and you're current set up is at -10 degrees?


yeah it's a thomson stem

yeah it's a thomson stem that's -10 degrees from the steerer tube.


I'm not sure what to think... about you. I'm kinda hating you right now for having this amazing idea before me, but at the same time I'm in awe. Nice!


haha thanks.

haha thanks.


u seem like a pretty good guy who knows his bike. so i was wondering if the mercier is any good for the price. im 16 and i need a fixed gear to get to skool. i cant keep riding my santa cruz bullit everyday to skool. its way too valuable and its to bulky for a relatively flat ride with one long downhill. i just need something decent thats gonna undergo really small mods like riser bars and mks stream pedals with double straps. and a front brake. so i was wondering what u could tell me about his that could help make the right choice.

thnax alot man


hey thanks... it's a great

hey thanks...

it's a great bike for the money. any cheaper and you're gonna sacrifice a LOT of performance, and you're not going to gain much of anything unless you spend 800 or more on something different.

pedals clips and straps are in my opinion essential if you want the most out of the bike. a front brake is a good idea too, but other than that everything else on the bike is ready for hundreds of miles and will serve you well. i'd suggest changing bars and saddle if you plan on doing long rides but that goes for any bike, you need something that fits you.

the kilo is basically a street-friendly track bike, with a great frame and components that should be more than enough for getting from a to b, unless you're 300 lbs or something.

it's drilled for front and rear brake, and i'd actually suggest you get both for downtown traffic or hills. when i commute or go places i use my road bike because it has brakes. but when i had brakes on my kilo, i used it to get to school classes and work 1-3 times a day and it was wonderful.

if you do get another bike...
don't get an expensive aluminum frame, don't get a heavy hi-ten steel frame... also don't get a bike that's just a stripped down road bike like the bowery or motobecane messenger. you'll be better served by an actual road bike if you're going to spend over 700. or a singlespeed cyclocross bike if you want to go on dirt or gravel.

if you want a track bike for the simplicity and style though, i think the kilo tt is the absolute best buy around.

for what it's worth, i bought mine as a frameset so i can't completely vouch for the stock kilo complete bike- just what seen and gathered when i've ridden friend's stock kilos. regardless, the frame is AWESOME for commuting, track, polo, anything you can do on any other bike on pavement really.


your description of your bike made me stoked on getting this frame again. there are so many options around this price range it's hard to chose but this is what i've been leaning towards.

hey, im looking into

hey, im looking into purchasing a kilo tonight but im not sure on what size i should buy. i was looking into either a 50cm or 53cm. im about 5'6"-5'7"

i was wondering how tall you were?

thanks in advance!

**btw your bike is my role model.

i'm 5/7 and the 53 fits

i'm 5/7 and the 53 fits great... of course your inseam and torso length should also be factored in, but i think with the right saddle, post, and stem adjustments the 53 should work for you if you're normally proportioned.

sorry if this is too late of a response! I totally dig your praise, i'm really proud of my bike.

did you raise your seatpost

did you raise your seatpost for the pic or do you actually ride it like that? cause i'm three inches taller than you with average to long legs and i have less seatpost showing. im confused. anyway, nice bike.

Great minds think alike.

Great minds think alike. Check out my Kilo.

Mine are electrical tape though and are different on different sides.

- Guadelupe de la Santiago

looks awesome with the

looks awesome with the addias stripes!

thanks, i recently painted

thanks, i recently painted them on so they're zigzagged too. i'll upload a new pic.

yeah how do you get the

yeah how do you get the decals off?

mine didn't come with

mine didn't come with decals, it was a frameset only. if you have them you can either strip and repaint or cover with vinyl.


what size are those bars?

somas are 42cm... little too wide for

the soma's are 42cm... little too wide for me...

the 3ttt are 41cm and much much better.

soma drops

im thinking about buying the soma 456 track drops. what do you think of them? is the much of a flat section on the top?

plenty of flat section at

plenty of flat section at the top, most i've ever seen on 'track' drops. they've great feel but they're super heavy. i'd probably do nitto or deda if i did it again.

Mine was threadless

Mine was also threadless. I had mine cut and threaded. As far as I know there's a few threadless Mercier out there. When I bought my frame set the seller had few more in different sizes.

yeah i've seen more and

yeah i've seen more and more... especially when people start swapping out the forks... but at the time i built this i hadn't seen any on here or online anywhere.

Get over whether or not

Get over whether or not yours was "the first" - the reason most people don't have a threadless Kilo TT is because they've already upgraded the actual bike.

I can get a threadless adapter and throw a threadless stem on there, since "replacing the fork" doesn't seem to count for you. Or, just use an older shim that actually covers the fork.

If you bone threadless so much, why did you switch to it? What are the advantages you've gained besides points with your white belt?

i did it because the fork

i did it because the fork that came with mine was too long and it had to be cut and rethreaded to use a threaded headset anyway, so i decided to try this out rather than have it rethreaded. it doesn't matter if i was first or not, i just want someone to show me that they've done it too or maybe that they've done it before i did.

white belt

where is it?

Sickk bike, looks like you

Sickk bike, looks like you invested some serious money. How in the world did you get the bike to be threadless?

Yeah, I've spent a whole

Yeah, I've spent a whole hell of a lot- but mostly because I had the wheel custom built and I've bought many kinds of the same component.

I have two seatposts, three saddles, two headsets, five handlebars(!!!), three stems, and like two sets of blinkie lights, front and rear.

Threadless was easy: It had a fork that was too long for the headtube, so instead of cutting and rethreading it, I cut it down to size for a threadless headset. The cane creek s-2 is actually the second headset I've had on it; I had an aheadset sts first, but I wanted sealed cartridge bearings.

I love this bike, it's strong, quick, and enjoyable. Thanks for your comment!

what is it easy to strip the

was it easy to strip the decals?

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