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Nitto / Dimension

Chris King

Phil on Velocity

Phil on Velocity

Sugino 75

Regal / Thompson

Campagnolo Record Track


whoa. many thanks to Stevie and Jason at MV.

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What size is the frame and would you ever sell the framset?

that decal is

that decal is great...sparkly.

nice bike

it was a nice bike

frame size?

what size is this frame?
totally sick. love it.

i have to say this is one of

i have to say this is one of my favorite broakland build. its a shame what this bike looks like now.

I still can't get over

this bike.

i love it!!!

dude by far my favorite bike on here!!!!!


this bike is gorgeoussss!

Very, very very...

..sick my friend. One of the best I've seen yet. Congrats.


Me like

Bike Shop

Who are Stevie And Jason?


They're kick ass dudes from the Montano Velo crew and they're part owners of Broakland custom bikes.


how much did that setup cost you.

beautiful bike btw


That looks real tight. A real clean and classic look, even with those sick risers.

That is SOOOO !

I love the Paul dropouts and disco decal! Hopefully one day I'll get to wrap my hands around a custom Broakland as well.

Will we be seeing this tomorrow @ the Epic Finale?



reflection is SICK!

reflection is SICK!

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