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Fetish Cycle Position: THE DEATH STAR

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Fetish Cycles Position

Deda Elementi Pista, Cinelli Graphis

Ritchey Carbon Pro, Cane Creek IS-2

Spinergy Rev X

Black Velocity Deep-V, Surly hub

FSA Carbon Track Pro, FSA Track BB

Thomson Elite, Selle Italia Flite

MKS GR-9/Eggbeater MX, SRAM 1/8 Track Chain

Euro-Asia 15t

This one goes real good-like.

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Stem And Bars

Im probably going to get that cinelli stem with a 31.6 clamp size. Do you think that i could fit 31.8 bars in there?


nice bad you have like the death wheel on the front

FSA Crank

Hey man,
sick bike! Just wondering how you like the fsa crank.
I'm thinking of getting one and got to know how it feels.



Track bikes are lame.

Me a Todd are mourning your

Todd and I are mourning your loss Robb. But, in a sense, we are also celebrating. Because I now have a nice new Paramount and he sold your car and everything else and bought the rarest, and least imported leather in the world!

Thanks dude... thanks.

Man, sure is a good thing I

Man, sure is a good thing I checked my Velospace first thing when I got to heaven! I miss you guys!


I remember the good times riding with Robb. It's too bad that stupid Spinergy wheel broke while he was riding...he had his whole life in front of him. Have fun in that velodrome in the sky little buddy.

I was trackstanding on that

I was trackstanding on that thing in my office yesterday. You can actually SEE the spokes flex!

OMG that you?
LOL, seriously man. That thing is sketchy, I hope it holds up for your sake. I shouldn't talk, I still haven't gotten my Aerospoke back from the painter. It's a freaking wheel not an SUV, what's taking so long!!!

Dude it weighs as much as a

Dude it weighs as much as a SUV.

Oh shnap.

I love you Todd. That shits gonna be so dope!


I was surprised to find out that it doesn't weigh as much as everyone thinks... Well, that's what I keep telling myself anyway Seriously though, it's not that much more then the Alex Solo I had on there.

True. We had one in our shop

True. We had one in our shop a couple days ago, and I was like, "Wow... it isn't that heavy".

They are cool looking up close.


whoa... whoa... whoa..

is that a MESSENGER BAG in this picture??

I love the way vigorellis

I love the way vigorellis look on this frame. Hot bike!

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