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GT Pulse Track 54cm

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GT Pulse 54cm

Cinelli Model 67 Track Bars, Cinelli Model 2A Track Stem

GT/Kinesis Fork, Dura Ace 7600 Headset

Dura Ace HB-7600 Hub, Mavic Open 4 CD Rim

Dura Ace HB-7600 Hub, Mavic Open 4 CD Rim

Dura Ace FC-7600 Cranks, Dura Ace BB-7610 Cartridge Bottom Bracket

Selle Italia Flite Vanadium, Dura Ace Seatpost

Look Clipless, SRAM Chain

Dura Ace Cog, Sugino M-Type Chainring

I have a 56cm GT Pulse as well and I always wanted to try a 54cm to see it it fit better. I ended up finding this bike NOS still in the box, never built up from a shop. The main changes I made were switching the Mavic CXP-33 tubular rims to the Mavic Open 4 CD clincher rims. The shop sent the bike with the Cinelli bar and stem but I don't know if that's what it originally came with.

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cool bike

I love this bike and I go everywhere using it
cool pokeke lah..


do u know this guy

pretty much perfect. clean

pretty much perfect. clean beautiful, with the best parts you could ever really want on it. nice bike buddy


If you ever want to sell this frame hit me up! beautiful bike.


You have rendered me speechless.

dibs if you ever plan on

dibs if you ever plan on selling it :)

too perfect!

too perfect!

thats a mean GT take good

thats a mean GT take good care of her!


the frame is so cool, i need one no sale it?




I am looking for the exact frame now (54cm) for my boyfriend who was hit by a car friday on this exact frame. He is ok but it killed the frame so I'm searching for one. If you have any clues for me, please let me know!!

anyone want to sell there pulse /gtb

I am also looking to find myself a gtb or pulse i dont think or have seen any in Australia

Sick bike. Really cool

Sick bike. Really cool frames, those GTs.


I can't find anyone with one of these for sale. I know they don't make them anymore, but what's the average price people are selling them for?

I found this bike at a shop

I found this bike at a shop new in the box a few years ago. The box was opened so few things were swapped. I don't recall what I paid for it. I also replaced the Mavic tubular rims it came with.

your other

i just posted my Pulse a few days ago.

does your other Pulse have "Pulse" stickers?
does the other Pulse still have the Kinesis stock fork on it?


Yes my other one also has

Yes my other one also has Pulse decals. It's also the same fork but without the kinesis decal.

does the gt pulse have a

does the gt pulse have a slight sloping top tube or am i tripping?

Your Bike

Is really nice.I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of those.


I have a GTB and my seatpost clamp is turned the otherway, is there a reason you have it backwards?

The slot is cut on the front

The slot is cut on the front side of the seat tube so the clamp is rotated around to the front. I also have a 56cm from a different year the slot is cut on the back so the clamp on that one is the same as yours.

man oh man from one gt to

man oh man from one gt to another, that bike is fantastic !

Damn man.

How clean can you get? Not much more than this.

Question though: The GTB is the steel one, and the Pulse is Alum. right?

The GTB and the Pulse were

The GTB and the Pulse were both aluminum. From what I understand the Pulse was Easton tubing and the Pulse was generic tubing.


the owner of my lbs
used to be a gt dealer and has a titanium frame
it is a road frame converted
it is still sick as hell though
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.

Oh ok.

Yea... I looked it up afterwards and found some information. Thanks :).

I wish they would of made one steel, but it doesn't matter. Do you use this on the road at all?

Edit: And I just realized what kind of wheels you have :). Very nice haha.

i wish my GT came with this

i wish my GT came with this fork. it looks awesome.

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