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Blacked-out BareKnuckle         Featured Bike! on 10/15/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Track bike | 58cm | Alpenrose | Bareknuckle | more tags >>
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EuroAsia Imports (EAI) BareKnuckle 58cm

Track: Deda Pista O/S Aluminum w/ cheapo FSA OS140. Street: Syntace bullhorns w/ Ritchey Pro.

Stock BareKnuckle w/ cheapo Aheadset for now.

Miche anodized black hub radial laced to non-machined Velocity Deep-V. Maxxis Re-Fuse tire.

Miche anodized black hub x3 laced to non-machined Velocity Deep-V. Maxxis Re-Fuse tire.

Sugino 75 crank & bottom bracket.

Thomson Elite straight post w/ Fizik Pave.

Shimano R540 SPD-SLs, HKK Vertex midnight blue chain.

49x18 street, 49x15 track.

Finished end of September 2005. From the banks of Alpenrose to the coast range mountains, this bike has never let me down.

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Im going to build up an all

Im going to build up an all black bareknuckle over the summer. Yours looks like it will serve as an amazing template. This bike is beautiful

nice nice.

nice nice.


Look out Amish!

WOW, real nice!

Black beauty to be sure! That would make one [email protected] commuter...

I’ll have to try this look out some day!

best black bike ever

i've been looking at this bike for nearly 2 years and there still isn't a better all black bike out there! those custom hubs are trick. I wonder how the miche carrier cog system has worked out over time? still tight?

Thanks, it's held up to the

Thanks, it's held up to the test of time pretty well. I honestly haven't added much over the almost 4 years I've had it aside from wear items.

I don't use the Miche cog carrier however, you can run regular track cogs on Miche hubs just fine. There's anecdotal evidence that the carrier system develops play after a while so I wasn't too interested.

*best African American bike

*best African American bike

i like your racial

i like your racial slant.....

nice murder bike , makes me miss mine

I'm so stoked on murdered

I'm so stoked on murdered bikes. My next build shall be....



black door beauty?

this is fucking amazing. truly. ive been wanting a black bareknuckle for as long as i can remember.

i just became a member and havent had a chance to post my bike up yet, but when i do scope it.

your monopod and cam bag

i get how the handle is being held up but whats holding the base up?
and the way the bag is held under the seat is pretty smart.
is this all ghettorig? or was the bag and mono made to do that?

The pump (a Zefal HP-X) is

The pump (a Zefal HP-X) is held under the top tube via friction (it springs outward) and a strap near the head tube. Road frames used to have pegs on the headtube that held the pump but a strap works just as well.

The bag is just a Trek saddle bag available at your nearest Trek dealer, nothing fancy.

oh wow. its just..friction

oh wow. its just..friction holding the end part up? does it ever knock loose while riding?

your whip is too ill,

your whip is too ill, definitely inspired me to do what i've done to mine. riding around at night all blacked out makes me feel like a ninja sometimes, i highly recommend it.


Thanks man, I'm loving what you've done with yours as well.

Black metal

This is my role model bike all time. Think I'm gonna start working on something like it, in honor to all "Blacked Out" blacked outs.

waaaay too much spare time

do you ever ride? or do you just spend all your time emo-ing out your bike?

Haha, everybody's a bikesnob

Haha, everybody's a bikesnob now? Back on your horse cowboy...

best bike on here.

you have done such a good job. i was inspired by your bike when i put mine together. i kept the nipples on my wheels silver like u did. thanks for the idea!


I've been planning to go all black with the components on mine. I think Goldtech do black hubs to save anodizing.

one word:

STEALTH! chuckle
Very nice, man!


this inspired me to do my GT all blacked out..wheels are on the way..


everything must be black. Black and Black on black... nice. Thats where I was headed with my fetish but I decided to splash the green wheels. But Very Very nice ride.

Coastal range!

I too rode through the coastal range on a fixed, albeit with front and rear brakes. Brakeless would've been a death wish on some of those descents coming back towards Portland...

Black IS the new black... My

Black IS the new black...
My bikes:

So stealthy!

Just don't ride it at night (nobody will see you)!

so slick. well done!

so slick. well done!

Sweet Ride...

I realize I missed a day
But Im too wrecked to care anyway
I look around and see this face
What the hell have I lost my taste
Dont want to find out
Just want to cut out
My head explodes, my ears ring
I cant remember just where Ive been
The last thing that I recall
I got lost in a deep black hole
Dont want to find out
Just want to cut out
I really had a blackout
I really had a blackout
I really had a blackout
I really had a blackout

nice pump. i like to see

nice pump. i like to see bikes that are ridden more then 5 miles at a time

EAI Lover

Great bike! I just picked up the same frame in green. Still building it but this is a great inspiration. Pure nightrider.

Pure Ninja Bike

That is a genuine ninja bike, does it ride as silent as the wind, the wind that kills you?

Black Miche Hubs?

did you have the hubs anodized yourself?

Yeah... and oddly enough the

Yeah... and oddly enough the crank as well.

I had it all done in August last year then a few months later I hear they decided to start offering the Sugino 75s in black... doh.


Was this bike for sale on ebay a couple of months ago? I remember one just like it.

No, there was some road

No, there was some road frame that the seller had track drop-outs welded on that was all black but that was definitely not this bike.


that is one beautiful bike.

haha you'll flip if you see

haha you'll flip if you see my friend justins bike. same thing but black nipples, black phil in the back and a black hed3 in the front, with black champ grips on the tops and in the drops.

oh, no doubt. I'm sure

oh, no doubt. I'm sure there's more black clones out there. It still catches peoples eye though. I love the old guys at club rides on Saturday, they have this look of fear. awesome.

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