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LEVEL Super Prestige

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LEVEL Super Prestige

Nitto, Nitto Pearl 9

Stock LEVEL Fork, Suntour Superbe Pro Headset

28 Silver Velocity Deep V to Suzue Pro-Max Carbon Hub w/ butted Sapim spokes and black brass nipples or Spinergy wheel of death!

28h Silver Velocity Deep V laced 2X to Suzue Pro-Max Carbon Hub w/ double butted Sapim spokes and black brass nipples

Dura Ace 7710 Hollowtech, matching Bottom Bracket, Sugino Zen Ring

Selle San Marco Regal (Luigi Girardi Edition) boxed aluminum rails and copper badges, Suntour Superbe Seat Post

MKS w/ Toshi Double Toe Straps, Izumi

Phil Cog, Shimano UFP 10 Dropouts, Oury Grips

Brief History:

Originally called "Le Velo" later shorted and changed to their current name "LEVEL"

Old School 1980s LEVEL Super Prestige frameset with 1985 Koichi Nakano Superbe Pro Championship V9 sticker.

Bottom Bracket Stamp info

59.2.8 is the year/month/date. In Japan, the era name before the current 'Heisei' was called 'Showa', and 'Showa 59' is 1984. Built February 8, 1984. The 'M' of M411 is the initial of Matsuda-san. '4' indicates the 4th year of the eighties, and '11' means 11th frame built in that year. He was registered as NJS (#192) in 1980. Decals are original before he started using the symmetrical logos for the race frames.

Once owned by Keirin Rider Henry Shibata who now coaches at Encino Velodrome in California.

I ride her daily, nightly and ever so rightly.

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Love the set up. Also love that Koichi Nakano Superbe sticker. Beautiful addition.

this is perfect

this is perfect. almost!

just wow.

this is one of my favorite level's ever. thank you for such a nice build.

RE: of my favorite level's ever

Thanks! Just tryin' to keep it clean and classy.

hey what's up ryan! nice

hey what's up ryan! nice meeting you at DP. bummer about the shitty weather though, haha. mad cross-winds on my way home.

hell yea, let's ride sometime. you've got a sick bike.


nice ryan. just NICE! gets better and better~
what is wrong with LEVEL? I already want another one.
or maybe... nah, another LEVEL!


Thanks for the compliments Yoshi. I hear ya about another bike. I'm already thinking of another build. It's becoming an obsession!

Hell Yeah!!! good times - i

Hell Yeah!!! good times - i swear my heart stopped a few times when you came down on that Spinergy, but at least you dont baby it - got my respect! but hit me up for a ride sometime - i'm out n' about! lateZz

ube - icecream - fixie!

this bike

should be in movies.

Wow, in a movie...

Thanks! If my bike were in a movie then it would be my meal ticket.

i've always liked this

i've always liked this build! super sick frame! wish i had a level!

Best girlfriend ever!

Thanks, I really enjoyed building her up. So far she's the best girlfriend I ever had: Righteously smooth yet stiff in the right places. She lets me ride her hard, fast, gentle and slow. She never nags and all she asks is to be ridden.



ube - icecream - fixie!

steal is real.

Thats all you need, a girl who can always hang and never complains. And all you got to do is lube it up? I'm down.


one of the nicest bikes evar period.

We shall ride....

Hey Ryan.
I've been all over the place for the last few months(mentally)and now I'm laid up with a broken leg and dislocated finger. I'll be back though. I'll hit you up in a few months... Nice Level.


Spinergy looking fck'n rad, I need to which out hair styles on minez!

much love!

Great example of a solid track bike. Proper!


Love the new look with the Spinergy!

RE: Spinergy

Thanks. I just like how it looks standing still and spinning. The wheel spokes flex a little and can be a little unnerving. What I need is that HED 3 of yours!


I can let you and Ariel try it out sometime.

lookin goooood!!!

lookin goooood!!!

Thanks Yo....

Your shit is dope also. Lets swap front wheels when we ride sometime. I'd like to try out that HED 3 of yours. Be nice to get one at some point.

blue fits

how about some blue DEEPS??? love the whole blue "thing" haha

The Blues

I tried a blue Vredestein tire up front and it looked like the bike was drowning in blue. I prefer the look of contrasting colored components but the blue saddle and risers worked out well. Thanks.


its been a while. we need to ride again

This bike is dope. Seen it

This bike is dope. Seen it in person at the EBM race. BADASS! Bro, you should come down for our Tuesday night rides. We have 20+ people come out to these. Bring everyone out to this. Check it out. We usually do some sort of 15-25 mile ride then end up in downtown for some BOOZ.

Thanks Yo

I need to work on some better pictures and swapping out the blue tires for another black vredestein.


thanks for the love. we need to ride soooon man!! blue bikes rule!

Level super ballin'

Super nice.. there is always something dope about Level, frame is ill

Thanks, I'd...

I'd seriously snatch up another Level if I ever come across another one.

This bike is BALLIN!

This bike is BALLIN!


hey ryan... the bike looks SUPER good.. lets ride!!!


tough call.I think it looks great as is. but the T19 group would
definitely look dope..if you decide to go with the group, ill buy your risers!


Thanks for the appreciation. I get bored easily and change things up frequently so who knows?? Stayed tuned. HAHA. I'm sure you're Vivalo will look crazy nice. HURRY UP ALREADY! Nah, do it right and don't let anyone dictate your build.

ryan mannn lookin sick!

ryan mannn lookin sick!


Thanks, I really appreciate the comment. I don't feel that I'm truly done with the bike tho; It's drowning in blue and I need some parts that will contrast with it. Maybe a T19 black groupo?


Came out pretty sick. I'm still waiting on the tom kellogg. I'm also gonna chop the dropouts from the Raleigh and filet braze some campy track dropouts in it. Same with the fork chop it and taper that wheel in. Taking a TIG welding class right now and working with some machinist guys on making frames and parts.


That Pursuit bike you're getting is going to be Craazzzy! Can't wait to see it built up. Feels like I'm behind in bikes. I need more like you. HAHA. Thanks for the comment by the way. Take it easy.

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