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Retro direct crosser

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Lindor - French cyclo cross frame

Nitto Moustache and british GB

Lindor, Campagnolo nuovo record steel set

Rigida rim, Maillard HF hub, Schwalbe scout tyre

Rigida rim, Maillard HF hub, Schwalbe scout tyre

Shimano Dura Ace

Retro direct gearing

My first retro direct bike. Its na over 100 years old gearing mechanism. First patented in 1869.

It works very well: Pedaling forward is the main gear (in this case 2,16:1) and pedaling backward is the easy climbing gear (1,5:1).

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How'd U get 2 freewheels on

How'd U get 2 freewheels on there? Use a bottom bracket cup?

Yup. That works.

Yup. That works.


the link is at the bottom of the page in comments.

Nicely done!

Nicely done!


no lame bikes

I've built two at the local co-op. Everyone smiles when they get on one. I have a bike in the garage begging for two gears. JB

Rode one

Got on one of these the other day, they're so rad. The one I rode was not nearly as pretty as yours, though. Ima gonna build one. What was your hub solution for attaching the 2 freewheels? What is your rear spacing, too?

We built one of these at the

We built one of these at the shop today! So much fun.

fantastic apparatus!

does it really see action on the cx course?


this is an amazing design. bike is in great shape. simple engineering thought through can go a long way...i dig the cross-tires.


chainline shot ever! haha.

no way

this is cooler than watermelon bike.

so when you pedal backward

so when you pedal backward does the bike go backward or forward?

It goes forward.

It goes forward.

That's an incredible and

That's an incredible and confusing system. How does it work?

Two gears. One pedaling

Two gears. One pedaling forward and one pedaling backward. Thats all.

More about this mechanism:

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