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Handbuilt asymetric seat stay bike

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Handbuilt Asymetric Seat Stay Bike

Nitto B123, 3TTT

fork is a modified 650c fork for super tight wheel clearance

Campy Record hub laced to Wolber Super champion rims with hutchinson tempo tubular tires

Campy Record hub laced to Wolber super champion rims with hutchinson tempo tubular tires

Old SR 165mm track crankset with a campy BB

White perforated Selle Italia Concor

Pedals on the bike are old shimano track pedals but it gets used with Stainless eggbeaters chain is a KMC Z410

46 tooth Campy Ring 15 tooth Campy Track Cog (yes i know there is no lockring on it in the picture)

This bike is my first foray into frame building, it is not made out of any special material nor does it use nice lugs or dropouts, in fact I was so sure it wouldn’t turn out I didn’t even order dropouts I just fabricated them out of some scrap pieces of steel once I got that far in the process.

But the process is the interesting part anyways. When I decided I wanted to build a frame I knew I would build a track bike with really tight clearances since I had been drooling over them online for a long time but I lacked the cash to procure one for myself, so I decided to build one.

The front triangle is pretty standard track geometry and since I didn’t trust my brazing skills totally I decided to buy a fork. So I bought a NOS Tange 650c fork and slightly modified it so 700c tires would fit. This gave me the really tight front end and twitchy handling that I wanted. Once I got to the rear triangle the process seemed to be going well so I fabricated some dropouts out of flat steel stock. I didn’t make them as long as I could have so I have to be a bit careful with my gear selection but they work fine since I don’t switch gears at the track often anyways.

Since the stays are what set this bike apart from everything else I will go into a bit more detail about those. I had seen a few Yamaguchi funny bike frames online and I got the idea from those, although I never did see the actual Yamaguchi asymmetric stay bike. I started by doing the left stay just like a normal stay, filing the tube until it fit around the seat tube and then brazing it on with brass. Then I cut the right stay about 2?? shorter and did the same thing. The brake bridge was the hardest part since there are compound angles on both ends, it took lots of filing and test fitting to get it to look just right.

Overall I am really happy with the way the bike turned out and although I could probably do a much better job now I really have no motivation to replace it. So I suppose I must have done something right since I usually go through bike frames fairly quickly.

I suppose I should say something about the parts spec., the parts on the bike are nothing special and represent what I was able to get good deals on throughout the years.

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great building skills. i like the color choices and the "head badge" is super cool. i assume it's a vinyl sticker or paint. did you make that or find it somewhere
ArlieMarshall ,puttin' up my dukes and givin' a damn.


beautifully done.

I can only imagine how much more in love with the bike you are since you crafted it yourself.
I need to learn how to braze.

inscripted staircase looking familiar

that wouldn't happen to be the staircase off of north commerce near roughly east pleasant street in milwaukee, would it?

yep thats the one. only a

yep thats the one. only a few feet from my house.

I love the brake bridge

I love the brake bridge

you did a fantastic

you did a fantastic does it ride?

me vs. richard lefevre

this is a damn amazing

this is a damn amazing bike... makes me wish i had the resources to built frames. good job

Oh boy...

Well, that definitely got me thinking that I'm a miserable failure, 'coz there's no way I could build a frame if even my life depended on it. The assymetric frame makes a lot of sense: it's obvious where the torque is !!! I love it, I really do. I say that your bike is what it's all about.

that's really great.

that's really great.

i agree

i agree, this is amazing... awesome bike

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