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My Tallbike Can Kick Your Fixie Conversion's Ass

Bike tags: Single speed | boneshakers | jerry-rigged | tallbike
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Araya mountain bike circa 2001 on bottom and chopped-up mid-seventies free spirit stepthru on top

moustache bars and the longest stem i have ever seen

two of them, connected with a length of steel pipe

pulled from the pile

pulled from the pile

mutilated bottom bracket on the Araya, fucking cottered cranks on the free spirit

pulled from the pile

it's the good sections of about 3 old chains put together

the chain tension is about one link too tight, but I'd estimate the gearing is 39x19 or so--gotta get up them hills with ease

dangerous as fuck. One of the cranks isn't in, the seven hours I spent painting the motherfucker have been more or less wasted, and I'm not entirely sure the seat tube isn't going to break at some point in the near future.

That being said, I love this bike. Thanks to the other boneshakers for helping me get her finished, and thanks to my dad for doing the welds (even though he was pretty sure this was a really dangerous idea and that I'd look like I'm in the circus)

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Scary and awesome.

You might want to weld a brace on that seat tube...maybe use the chopped fork legs or something. My friend nearly died when his seat tube did what yours seems to be on its way to doing.

Anyway, sweet bike, lot of character.

run an extra hub on the top

run an extra hub on the top bikes bracket then run that down to the actual wheel haha

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