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BANANI TRACK         Featured Bike! on 10/4/2012

Bike tags: Fixed gear | campagnolo | fixed | Kashimax | nitto | more tags >>
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banani track 58 with campagnolo trackends


banani/dura ace



sugino/dura ace


dura ace



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HoLA!. Magnificent bike. if velospace let me vote for 2 times, I would. No Xinges Bro. this bike ride invites your ass for hours of riding. "Sweet dreams in the way." ZZZ-ZZZ-zzz-zzz. From Mexico DF.

it´s not only

it´s not only minimalistic
- it´s so well balanced
and the components do so
well ... i´m impressed!


shes a beaut.


Normally not a straight fork fan but this bike is so clean and elegant, it's hard to ignore. Really just a beautiful bike all the way around. Nice shots as well. Well-done. EDIT: You changed forks! Nice.

was there some photoshop

was there some photoshop involved in the 2nd picture?

Very beautiful

Do you ever get tempted to place an "A" in the place of the last "I"?

hey Williammmm It was the

hey Williammmm
It was the other way around, This guy called The Banana because of his riding style on the track, started building trackframes in the 60/70´s and thought it would be nice with a Italian sounding name like casati, masi, coppi, marini or bianchi. so it became banani.

such an amazing ride...

such an amazing ride... thanks for posting!



Fresh ride...

Now that is a fresh ride...

yer bikes bananers!

one of my top three favorite bikes on here


where did you get those balla ass nittos? they look mad sweet.


thats normal nitto alu 123 i think. Extra deep drop bars from Track Bike Shop Copenhagen

Very Elegant

Simply beautiful. I love the color and that Campy front hub has always been one of my favs.


Great job. It's rare on this site to see someone show respect to the beautiful art of the bicycle. All you see now are mutt bikes that combine ten different styles and in the end there's no style. On behalf of myself and those that appreciate simple elegance, thank you for keeping it simple and stylish.



what a stunner!!

possibly the best looking bike I've seen on here.. those hubs are beautiful.



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