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Compact Silver

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Narrow ass 34cm Nitto Drops on a Modolo OXO stem

Leader full Carbon fork with Giant integrated Headset

Gipiemme parade 700c

Campy record 32h laced up to 16 spoke gipiemme parade

Shimano Dura Ace 165 all the way

Felt Carbon Seatpost with Giant Generic Saddle

MKS Track pedals with SOMA cages and MKS Straps and a heavy duty chain by KMC

Shimano 16t cog and FSA 51t in front

my first all by myself build a few years ago. was fun now most of it is disassembled and hanging around my place... learned a lot from this baby... never heat treated the frame after welding but I stripped the cheap factory clear coat off and slapped some clear powdercoat on it... yes I was young

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hub vs rim drillings

hey man, i came across your bike and i have a question for you. sorry, i'm pretty noob at fixed gear bikes at the moment and is still in the middle of building my first. cut it short, is it safe to have a rim and hub discrepancy in terms of their drill holes? i ask cos i got a great deal of deep v (buy 1 get 1 free) from my LBS so I got em. My concern though, I can't seem to find a lot of hub choices for a 28h rim. I was given an option to either go for suzue pro max or the much expensive phil wood. In addition, do you think it would work if I get a 32H hub for my 28H deep v? thanks man and i love you bike, i also plan to put some red accents on mine.


it is fairly easy to find 28 hole formula hubs. don't get a different drilling pattern for your hub, it puts uneven stresses on the flanges and will void any warrenties. it also makes it hard to lace the wheel up and i would assume most shops will refuse to do so because of liability. just get the right hub.


thanks Haegan. i appreciate

thanks Haegan. i appreciate your response. i've been hesitant about formula hubs mainly bcos they are taiwan made (if i am correct?) are they any good? i assume they are as i hear them quite often. i hate to spend that much money on hubs specially for my first project bike. my LBS suggests Suzue Pro Max, Shimano Dura Ace or the very expensive Phil Woods. i'm close on getting formulas and be nice to my wallet!

Hubs Are hubs

I would be shocked if anyone claimed they could actually notice any difference between a phil and a fomula. Put some Phil bearings in the formulas and call it a day

fawking awesome T.T

fawking awesome T.T

thats hot!

i'm not big on the red accents, but thats a sharp looking ride! i'm working on one myself with a 36h white ind. eccentric hub laced to a 24h reynolds wheel. i'm still trying to figure out the pattern/spoke length(s). anyhoo, nice bike!


Thanks, if you got any questions let me know.

It's actually not that hard 36 to 24 means you leave out 12 spokes at the hub which means 6 on each side... at 18 hub holes on each side that makes 18 divided by 6 which equals 3 and viola: lace 2 spokes and leave the 3rd one out and you should be fine. You can cross them however you want and the length also still calculates the same.

it's amazing

how you could assemble a bike this badly, you truly don't have a clue. do you also wear matchy match red socks while fixie riding.


it's amazing how you get off on talking shit about people's bikes, without knowing anything about them.

I've been building frames for 2 years now and know more about bikes than you about your cracked out mother, so go jerk off on someone's pista, but keep the real cyclists alone.

really, Greg?

If this doesn't read as a glaring example of what NOT to say on velospace, I don't know what does.

Yuck, btw.

all I have to say

is damn that stem is hot! nice build, especially the gipiemme wheelset.

Sorry but...

Ugly ass rims, frame, stem, saddle. Did i mention fork? This is what someone who doesnt know anything about bikes would LOVE. No style what so ever :(
Im sorry you invested so much money in it!


since you know how much I spent on this bike you are also "qualified" to judge my knowledge about bikes, based on your opinion.

The only ugly thing I see is your dumb ass comment.

Uhh... this why you think you can rag on me?


just the wheelset on this bike has more style than anything you could ever come up with besides that I that I didn't rag on anyone. You asked for a feedback so I gave you one if you wanna leave me some feedback go ahead.


are rags... iDanaAnn, your bike sucks too. Greg don't kill me...


Fat tubes are structurally more stiff and aerodynamic so what are you talking about. Fat tubes and gussets are technically great if they've been placed right. It's all about performance... those old steel beaters of yours might look nice but compared to new frames perform like ass.

f8ck looks and names they won't make you a better rider...
only hipsters and 0SCOOTERS believe that

yeah...Im sure a fucking

yeah...Im sure a fucking colnago pista isn't up to par with a ginat bowery....good call


your interpretation of my comment baffles and amuses me so immense that I can't help but to answer it. I was talking about aero tubes and modern components in general but it appears that you missed that fact. According to your dumb ass statement disc wheels are less aero than spoked wheels too? Or is that my dumb opinion now?

Here is my advice to you mr blonde373: read a comment before you try to evaluate and answer it!


In all honesty, it depends on the rider, not the ride. Obv. I don't know how you ride, but 'fat tubes' aren't going to help you if you're not a good rider. (not saying you are a bad rider)

edit: sick build btw, nicest bowery i've seen yet.


I agree. I was just trying to explain the aerodynamics of aero tubes (or "fat tubes").


stem and rims play off each other rrreally well.
nice set-up!
the frame might not be all that but now you can get a nice frame for them parts!

51t up front must be flat where you are.
i ride a 48t≈16t and my friends complain about me leaving them all the time.



Yup 51 to 16 is pretty big (86 inches per rev) I been kinda experimenting and currently got 49 to 15 (88.2 inches per rev.) and am loving that but I also go on the track with that and yes it is flat where I ride. Your gear is pretty big too though (81 inches per rev.)
I have another setup I like to use with thicker traffic which is 51 to 17 which also gives me 81 inches per rev. (same as your 48 t0 16) so you see there is a lot of experimenting to be done... I currently got 52 to 14 on my pursuit which gives me 100 inches per rev which is getting close to hour record gears which are usually around 120 inches per rev (53 to 12). yup yup you can go overboard with them gears.

P.S. that frame is currently disassembled and I am using most of the parts on my higher end bikes... still love that frame though... so much work I put into that cheap bastard

I have never seen that kind

I have never seen that kind of rims. Look great. Whats the exact name?


Gipiemme Parade but they only come for the road so I converted the rear one with a new hub.


hows thats 32h hub to 16h rim holding up? any issues, im planing on doing it.

no issues

so far it holds up well... as long as you don't take it on the track. I was riding it on the road for a little over a year or so before I decided to bring it on the track... it kinda twisted up a little bit under the pressure, meaning it flexed a lot. It is totally fine on the road though even in a sprint but for the velodrome it is not recommendable.

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