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1990 trek 1400 (Stolen)

Bike tags: Fixed gear | arizona | Lo Ca$h | Trek 1400
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1990 Trek 1400

Nitto njs

Rev x

Matrix rim / Shimano 105 hub

Regal / Dura ace

Everything is Shimano 105

This guy was "stolen" after having been lent it to a "friend", actually i'm pretty sure that "friend" sold it. It had the matching matrix box style rim on the front and a different saddle on it and the drop outs where filed in from when I rode it fixed, its a long shot but what the hell....

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nice bike, love the

nice bike, love the've put alot of work into that one!!

i actually miss the new kids

i actually miss the new kids on the block original colors, and yr 1500 looks really good, seeing yrs makes regret painting mine...


How do you like that Spinergy wheel on the front, it looks super aggressive!! I didn't know they made them with braking surfaces, that's awesome!!! And how do you like that njs stem, i'm seriously interesting in that also!!!

Thanx alot man, the rev x

Thanx alot man, the rev x came with a brake surface i just painted mine and the stem is not to bad, i kinda just put it on there to see how it looked and i ended up liking it, i did a 100 mile ride a while ago on that set up and i didn't have any problems, so i guess it worked out.

You messaged me a bit ago

You messaged me a bit ago but I haven't been on for a long time. Ya, the vetta saddle tends to be painful but it looks cool at least. As for the crankset, ben's cycle has lowered the price considerably if you're interested. Good looking bike. There should be a group for fixed late 80s early 90s aluminun treks with verical dropouts.


How did you manage to get that fixed? perfect gear combo or what? I have a 1500 that looks almost identical, but I haven't dreamed of fixing it. Yours looks great, though. I'm sure the BMX lever is awesome too.


all you need is a half link, you can make anything work w/ a half link


and beer

two in the pink two in the

two in the pink two in the stink......

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