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Yoh no NAKAGAWA FUNNY BIKE from OSAKA         Featured Bike! on 04/1/2011

Bike tags: Track bike | bb | carbon | cinelli | disc | more tags >>
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Nakagawa funny bike

Tsuchinoko / Cinelli Alter

Nakagawa / Shimano 600

Sugino 75 carbon honeycomb disc 24''

Sugino 75 carbon honeycomb disc 700C

Campagnolo Record Pista / Campa BB

BMX saddle

MKS pedals/straps . pink KMC chain

16T Shimano NJS cog, 44T Sugino 75 NJS chainring

Yoh kun no Funny bike from Osaka. Air horn, Sugino discs, straight bar with rounded ends, nice!

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your bikes are noice

love the baby disc up front


You ever gonna sell this frame? I think I remember seeing this up for sale at the old website.

The worst

Probably the worst build I have ever seen.. Nice parts in all the wrong places... jeeez!



Dope, saw it on the

Dope, saw it on the Velospace twitter feed, love it.


rear break with no breaking surface?

love the front sugino


rear break with no breaking surface?

I think

I love this bike. I'm not sure yet.

I'm fully inspired to build

I'm fully inspired to build a funny bike after seeing this.
My girlfriend is riding one i put up on here.
Is that 24" smaller than 650c?



this bike

makes me sad.


at least someone is riding it?
that's about all i can say for it. haha

Rear wheel.

That thing looks like it's seen better days... Is that even structurally sound?!

Even so, sweet bike.

just a couple dimples in the

just a couple dimples in the honeycomb.. not a big deal. Shit happens when you get barrelled, just run it.


why'd they use a single rear brake instead of a single front?

rear brake

cause you don't have to drill to mount a rear brake the way he did. it'd be a shame to drill through that sweet fork, not to mention there's probably not enough material there.


what is that thing?


Nice air horn...i used to have one of those...loud as fuck

HA !=]

I would like to bring your bike to bed with me... absolutely beautiful!


thats some crazy rear clearance,

Is this your grocery getter?

Is this your grocery getter?

haha i cracked up when i saw

haha i cracked up when i saw the grocery getter comment Funny Shit


Yoh kun is the man in Osaka. He is the mechanic to most street fixed riders in town.
This frame is now being built up for his girlfriend!
His collection includes a Vivalo NJS bike with rear carbon disc, Araya SuperAero front, and a Ceepo TT Killer triathlon bike with FIR 4 spokes front and rear in the German team colours.
His house is just full of NJS frames, all kinds of parts, wheels and goodness!

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