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Schwinn Varsity single speed project

Bike tags: Single speed | 57cm | schwinn | stock | varsity
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70's Schwinn Varsity

stock, flop and chop DIY bullhorns


stock w/ redwalls



stock chain goes on in a couple days

39:19, this is an odd ratio but it rides real nice

This little project was fun, I built this for my cousin for her bday. Look for her sporting it in Long Beach somewheres...

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Paint job??

What kind of paint did you use? Looks great, I'm working on the same bike right now.


awesome bike dude!

I know that saddle, it's

I know that saddle, it's like a diaper! My friend had one, and it had flat rails so we couldn't replace it. Then I accidentally let the seat-post slide down into the frame and it didn't come out for a long time... oops!

72 Continental

I just became the proud owner of a 72 Schwinn Continental, which I hear is much like the varsity. I am planning on stripping the paint and doing a fixed gear conversion. This is my first project. I'm just curious of where i should start. I'm confused about the crankset-and lack of BB. I'm guessing I have to replace them correct.

Your cousin's bike.

You gotta lose the pie pan.


i kinda like it. it's irony in motion.

Keep it!

The pie pan that is....


talk about attention to detail!


Those are 27" wheels right? where
did you find tires with red sidewalls?
It looks swell!

from ebay a while back

from ebay a while back


Got a Bianchi thing happening

Archaic Cameras - Chicago Steel - Sweet

thanks, I love this

thanks, I love this bike...stripped it down, repainted and reassembled in a couple days...

Varsity SS

I just did an old Varsity, too. I need to put up some pics of mine.
Yeah, they're tanks, but boy, do they ride nice!
I used Rust-O-Leum rattlecan paint on mine (marigold yellow), and it came out great-looking, but somewhat susceptible to chipping. I took off all the cable stops, kickstand mount, etc. before I repainted it, for a slicker look (I only have a front brake on mine). I used a heavier 'Cruiser Crank' and a Wald 44T chainwheel, with a 18T BMX freewheel on the rear end. I have 'Mary' bars on a MTB-type stem, very comfy and ergonomic.

Now, if only someone would flatten out some of these Austin, Texas hills...
I wish I'd gotten into SS when I lived in pancake-flat Houston. It would have been a perfect bike down there!

Your bike looks magnificent. I love the color!

Paint inquiry...

What color did you paint the frame with? The contrast between the pallet on this bike is awsome.

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