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Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra 'Team Stuttgart'

Bike tags: Road bike

nice E.Merckx

HI . i recently picked up an E.Merckx corsa extra .
The model i have was imported into Sweden and built by the Fåglum brothers. It's th exact same color scheme on my E.merckx as yours , but i have a fully chromed fork .i rode it for a week , about 20+k a day , just cruising to get the feel for the new ( new to me ) bike.a few days later i rode 80k + with merckx . this was the first RIDE i had done with this frame set . and after about 30 minutes on the saddle i was blow away how stable ,Fast , responsive, comfortable & most of all how this baby climbs .after the days ride it hit me that it wasnt just a ride that day ,it was a true experience of what top frame builders and materials can really do . It s hands down the best SLX frame set i have been on . it's way up there for me ,equal to the De rosa's .now take a step back and look at the seat lug on your merckx , tell me its doesnt look exactly like a De rosa !

the story continues .
nice merckx you have there!! .
ill post mine as soon as i finish building my wheel set .´

nice M's

Hi, yes, Merckxs are outstanding riders!
It seems to me you have the PK-Banken/Crescent version, which is quite similar to the Team Stuttgart scheme, just with a chrome fork. Most of 'em were Campagnolo equipped. Both great bikes ;-). (Sorry I'm not too deep into italian bikes, so I know virtually nothing about De Rosa.)

SLX Eddie

Beautiful frame. Noted the comment about SLX/SL.
I have one of each, an SL Cinelli and a SLX Pinarello.
Add in the components differences, and I can't tell.

My SL is heavier, but years older.

Great bike, and thanks for the post.

Columbus tubing

Hi RobbieTunes,
thanks for your kind remarks.
To my best knowledge SLX is identical to the standard SL - alloy, tube diameters etc. - just has added helical reinforcements. So SLX must be heavier (but: an SLX tubeset weighs less than two ounces more than an SL).
I have no doubt that a complete bike with an SLX frame can be lighter than a full SL bike, like in your case.
Anyways, this Merckx is certainly amongst my lighter bikes just not the lightest.

why is it faster?

because SLX is awesome, and it looks like your lightest steel build, although I bet the gazelle is close.


Yes, SLX is nice stuff, but you remember that SL is lighter, do you?
[And the "Fast BAT" is still my lightest.]

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