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primer grey moth

Sexy bike

I'm just a girl on the street..


what kind of stem is that?


what kind of saddle is that?

dont bullshit me

we got some orlando boys here?

fur sure!


fur sure!



krylon spray primer? i cant find a shade of gray that dark.

it's actually...

rustoleum auto primer. it was the color is was looking for but, i had to keep touching it up. if i handled the frame with sweaty or oily hands, it would mar the finish. but i think it looked cool all fucked up too.

dulpli color?

ive seen duplicolor primer in a very similar shade. check oreilleys

SNAP! I like it! I'm into

SNAP! I like it! I'm into the untidy frame and clean wheels look. Thus my tatty frame. My friend is working on a bare metal fuji track and crome Deep-v. Can't wait to see it.

Hoping not...

Is this the same one that's wrecked?


yes it is... this was the former incarnation

i'm building a moth right

i'm building a moth right now. i coincidentally also have yello three cross wheels on it with yellow continental tires on it and bull horns. but my horns are just sawed off nitto olympiad drops. how did you get ahold of the frame in orlando? bikeworks won't ship em anymore and emey hoffman doesn't even own a computer.


frame, fork, headset, bottom bracket, seatpost, stem, drop bars, risers with grips, shitty bulletproof crankset, and rocket chain ring: 0+ for shipping on ebay back in june. i was the only bidder. i almost regreted te win cause didn't really want it. i thought it was gonna be too big for me but i really liked it after i built it up. i sold off/gave away most of the shitty parts.



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