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1997 Bianchi Veloce Celeste

Bike tags: Road bike | Bianchi | campagnolo | celeste | Veloce
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Bianchi Veloce 53 c1997

3T Podium 3t Chromix

campagnolo mexico 68 / panaracer pasela PT

campagnolo mexico 68 / panaracer pasela PT

Selcof Team 27.2

Campagnolo Veloce

Campagnolo Veloce


freight train

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Nice one!

My No.1 inspiration to get my first road bike.

Very Pretty Bike

I always admired the neat, clean work that Bianchi did on lugged frames.

I love your photo. You

I love your photo. You should share your set up with us, lighting and all.

Thanks - lighting setup was

Thanks - lighting setup was embarrassingly simply. Bike was placed below and slightly behind one of the overhead fluorescent lamps in a parking garage.

Camera setup was just a Fuji XE-1 with the 35 1.4.

Produces images that are just as pleasing as a Nikon full frame with dedicated lighting, without any of the hassle.

Great lighting, I almost

Great lighting, I almost thought you had a dedicated off camera flash or something.

Great bike too! 8 or 9 speed?

8 speed! and shifts like it

8 speed! and shifts like it has a soul

I recently built up a

I recently built up a Bianchi with older pointy hood Shifters myself. I love them.

Rim Trouble?

Beautiful bike! I have a Trofeo from 96 or 97 with Melbourne 56 rims on it. Do you go through as much hell mounting tires as I do??

Surprisingly easy to mount

Surprisingly easy to mount my those paselas onto the mexico rim. I've cursed way more trying to mount Conti GP4000s onto Ksyriums. So far brand new contis have been my kryptonite.


thanks for the quick reply! I've had a ton of trouble getting GP4000s on the stock rims that came with my Bianchi from the same era. The wheels that came with it are part of the Olympic cities theme that Campagnolo had going on. I broke the bead on a GP4000 mounting it on the Melbournes! Maybe I'll try the Paselas. here's an image of the bike

I've learned to stretch them

I've learned to stretch them with my foot before mounting.

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