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Bike tags: Fixed gear | Whopshh
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No money spent here!

Chain Whip:

My new Whip!

Fixed Cup Socket:

For my very weird Sekine BB cup. I filed it down by hand until it fit perfectly.


So this thing has got a 69 or so mm shell with serrations on the adjustable side. These match up with a keyed spacer that holds the cup inplace while tightening the lock ring. It works well but the cups do not use traditional tools. Oh it is a '72 Japanese Sekine with english threading.

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You made the whip out of

You made the whip out of scrap right?
Cause I made one pretty easily out of an old chain/ scrap metal.......if only i could make a lockring tool hehehehe

You got it

Yeah it was pretty easy, 1/8 x 2" cold rolled steel and and old chian, I just got fancy with the cut out. I since have moved the chain to mid way down the handle. I wasn't thinking when I put it on top.

I can't resist....


I can't put into words

how proud I am of you...


nice whip. that baby looks light!

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