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AR Cycles roadie

Bike tags: Road bike | Commuter
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AR Cycles

Mavic Comte de Coucy / Mavic 370

Tange / Campagnolo Chorus

Mavic 501 / Mavic Open 4CD / Hutchinson 20c

Mavic 501 / Mavic Open 4CD / Hutchinson 20c

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Mavic 840, Mavic 810, Simplex Retrofriction

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Purchased this frame pre-built in February of two aught fourteen from 8Aaron8 of AR Cycles and it has been the pinball bouncing between builds struggling to land direction. Now that I have two proper haulin' bikes en route and no proper roadies after a cleaning of house, this can start heading for the void that is completion.

P.S. Don't be hatin' all up on my fender line, they're not mounted ;)

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Dem angles! Mr.A does some

Dem angles! Mr.A does some good work. Tout Mavic!!

Special Build

Nice combination of a hand built frame and hand picked parts. Really dig on the patriotic Flite.

Thanks! It has moved to my

Thanks! The Flite has moved to my red and white Cannondale MTB which seemed fitting.

nice to see the group connection

many happy miles my friend!

They will be happy indeed!

They will be happy indeed!

Mavic group is sweet. 20c

Mavic group is sweet, cool chainring combo. Jannd bag? 20c tires though :(

I wasn't feeling the tires

I wasn't feeling the tires either man, but they were the biggest I could squeeze with fenders. They didn't last long, now sporting Challenge Parigi-Roubaix's. The bag isn't a Jandd or a 'dale, but can't remember what it is off hand. I took it off after a few rides, will definitely need a fork with more rake/lower trail if I put it back on as it handled terribly. Go figure.



The one and only...besides

The one and only...besides the SunTour Blaze.

Yep. Yes sir.

Yep. Yes sir.

Thanks! It's been a while,

Thanks! Haven't heard from you in a while, Jona. How's the return to the US treating you?

Been good but busy as hell.

Been good but busy as hell. I havent gone on more than 1 recreational ride, though I do commute 18 miles roundtrip per day, so keeping my legs busy. Also hurt my knee again playing soccer...but mostly just having a kid makes time disappear on a daily basis (in a good way of course!). By the way, really love how that tape and saddle combo look!

Thanks and glad to hear

Thanks and glad to hear you're well aside from the knee. My rec rides have gone down as well and my commute is now down to 18 miles round trip also from 24.

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