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Aldo Simonato Bike What is it worth?

Bike tags: Road bike | Aldo Simonato was bought from a garage sale | did I get a good deal?
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Serial number is #59.

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This is not the place....

...for us to help you flip a bike.

Nice bike. Yes, you got a good deal. No, I won't put a value on it, but I'm thinking a pretty good penny (tuition? doubt it). It's only worth what someone will pay to have it, and appreciation on those things take decades, and in decades, it may not be worth much more. Most steel bike collectors are getting up there in age. The market for collecting carbon bikes is pretty much nil, except for breakthrough models, and they hold some value but do not appreciate.

First, take decent pictures, drive side, calipers, etc. No one can tell squat from that photo. Try to get a picture of any frame tubing decals, etc.

Second, go to, go the the main Forum menu, go to Classic and Vintage Valuation sub-forum (right below the Classic & Vintage sub-forum). Ask there, and you'll probably get some answers.

Or you could put it up for sale and see what it brings. Do a little research yourself, don't just sit and ask.


Nicely commented Robbie...

Thanks for the advice!! now

Thanks for the advice!! now I have somewhere to start at least. I tried to look it up but can't really find much about it so far. I don't expect to get tuition out of it but someone told me that it could be worth 1500!! That's a good start!!
Thanks to check out :)

We Paid

My father bought this Aldo Simonato from a garage sale last week for me. He was the 1st person to this garage sale and paid the full sticker price of 25 Canadian dollars. It is in excellent shape, it is very dirty in the picture. How much might this bike be worth?

I give you five dorra you take and you go!

Seriously though, go ride your friggin bike.

I ride my bike every day,

I ride my bike every day, that's why it is dirty. I wondered if this bike could help pay for my college one day if I keep it in excellent condition. Sorry for asking sir.

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