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Fiorelli Milano San Remo [parted & sold]

Bike tags: Fixed gear | Vintage Italian road bike
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Fiorelli Milano San Remo Columbus Aelle (1982#4)

3T "Raid" / 3T

Fiorelli / Ofmega

Suntour(?) / Ambrosio

Suntour(?) / Ambrosio


San Marco Sprint / 26.8 Campy Fluted "G.L"?-??

Miche (MKS Sylvan+Christophe)

Suntour AG5000

Modolo Corsa (Dura Ace 7800)

Fiorelli-stamped fork ends, Coppi-stamped rear dropouts

Oops I did it again. I just finished one project and stumbled onto another. The frame is very nice and glides on pavement. Superbe craftsmanship, I must say. I would sell it if someone was interested, but if not, I'll have a sick townie. Any recommendations on a front rack?

(Changes are in brackets.)

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Bike came out great. Love those lugs.

You and me both!

I just finished a Georama project that I accidentally fell into... haha. Looks sharp, man! I always love your builds.

Nice, it's been a while

Nice, it's been a while since a new njs build. Yours are proper too, as I've said before.
This setup is original from the shop (although not for the model) as the guy who bought it NOS 10 years ago received it. And it's still mint!!
I'll swap a few things for preference. Calipers foremost, pedals, saddle. I have some Ofmega stuff I could use or just keep it on the cheap side for knocking about town and commuting to work.

With no cantis, dropout

With no cantis, dropout eyelets, or braze-ons you're limited to pretty much a Nitto M18, Wald basket, or equivalents.

What about a handlebar bag

What about a handlebar bag w/o the need for rack to sit on? Or is that dinky?

The handling wouldn't be as

The handling wouldn't be as good but is an option.

You right, Oh well

Strike that, then. The HS is already too damn smooth as it is. With my luck I'll dent the tt on a dismount.
*edit: seems like a Cetma rack would maybe maybe

Blast! I knew I forgot one.

Blast! I knew I forgot one. Mount it low and the handling should stay decent.

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