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Ciclo Piave 1973

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Piave, 55cm, 1973

3T, Cinelli

Campag Nouvo Record

Nouvo record

Nouvo record/FIR/

Campag Nouvo Record/FIR/

Nouvo Record 27.2

Campag Superleggero Black

Campag Nouvo Record Pat73, front, rear and down tube levers drilled

Campag nouvo record, nouvo record brake levers but non original rubbers. these will be sourced shortly.

13-14-15-17-19-23. 42/52 Campag Nouvo record.Yh


Ciclo Piave. It was made by an artisan near Treviso named Augusto Michelin. All of the little details make it a real gem, Cinelli-like. It measures 55cm by 55cm, top and seat tubes center to center. The headtube is 13.5cm.
I bought this from Corey Fox in Italy. The bike is a very lovely and comfortable ride. Agile and stiff.

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Mmmmmm . . . .

The frame builder has sweated the small stuff. Really nice build and some behind the scenes 'going-on' to get the hub, axle and gears to work.

Thanks for sharing (including the 6 and 7 speed mods).

Ashok Captain
Ashok Captain

A pleasre

The modifications were simple and effective. Thanks for your comments.
Kindest regards

Cicllo Piave

Man that's a gorgeous bike. Agile and stiff are good traits too.

What an amazing bike,

What an amazing bike, gorgeous details. Would love to see larger pics with close-ups. That last picture shows a 7 speed freewheel, that's not the NR hub, right? Also interesting stem btw.

NR hub

Yes it's a NR hub with a longer inner axle. I have two other sets of NR hubs. One for 6 speed and one for 7 speed.
Kindest regards

Thanks for explaining

Thanks for explaining Splined. Never realised that was an option.


Fratelli d?Italia ! (e Sorelle !) .. A bike of that kind deserves a better top picture.

Who cares about 'non original rubbers', and is it 'original' not to have toe clips ? Moreover, taking vintage aero versions of these levers into consideration, just pretend that the old non-aero ones had failed, as I just don't get why it is allowed to drill or modify old levers, but one gets banned from events as soon as the drill makes the lever into an aero one.

Without the decisive drill they would probably not have invented bikes in the first place, would they ? Thus - CAVE CAVI ! ... P.S.: I speak no Italian, but is it not 'cicli/bici/biciclette' instead of a single 'ciclo' ?

Strictly original or not,

Strictly original or not, this gem would fit right in at L'eroica. Bellissima!

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