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3rensho track bike

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1984 3rensho track; 57cm; Serial #A139-XXX

Nitto NJS

3rensho offset crown/ OMAS

Shimano D/A 7510 laced to Araya Gold

Shimano D/A 7510 laced to Araya Gold

Campagnolo Record

Nitto NJS/ Fizik Arione

Shimano D/A PD7400 and IZUMI V

Maeda Industries 8.8.8 (Suntour, NJS) 47/16

The frame was discovered by my father sitting NOS in a shop in California. Apparently, the owner had ordered it in 1984 and never rode it. It became a father-son project, and is now finally ready for the track. All parts are new or NOS; the bearings have all been lovingly refurbished with Phil grease. Oddly, It's the only 3rensho I have seen with blue (rather than yellow) decals.

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I am so going to copycat your tire color. I like the yellow tires on there. Check out my White 3Rensho ( when you get a chance.

great combination, I wanted

great combination, I wanted that frame and that color but it was sold out

The pride of ann arbor

The pride of ann arbor

That is quite

That is quite decals. More than 95% 3Renshos have yellow decals, probably more than that actually.
I have only ever seen 1 or 2 frames with blue stickers, and have seen many more white frames with yellow stickers...
Cool bike! Amazing find.

Hey thanks! I've been

Hey thanks! I've been trying to figure out what the lugs are, as they predate (I believe) Konno's introduction of the 3rensho super-ends and proprietary lugs. The dropouts and forkends are shimano, and the seatstays look like Cinelli fastbacks. I don't know about the bb or other lugs, save for that they are long-point and filed wafer-thin. Tange, maybe? Any thoughts?

I saw one at a swap meet

for 0. I was broke. D'oh!

I saw one at a swap meet

for 0. I was broke. D'oh!

Take care of it

I was very pleased to be able to see this in person..

I believe all of the White

I believe all of the White Frames came with Blue decals instead of white. A guy who lives on my street has a white frame with blue decals also.

I was wondering....

Maybe someone who reads this will have a bit of insight on decal colors for San Rensho's. I've seen the decals both in yellow & blue. I believe I've seen less blue than I have yellow. Any story on that?

And while I'm at it, were all frames made with the same tubing? I know some frames have the "strong elephant" decal while other don't.


Tubing Types

I'm not sure if they were all made with the same tube sets. Mine has no decal. Also, it has no World Championship Stripes on the seat tube either. It seems bicycle companies choose to use all, or just a few of the decals for frames.




Great find, ride it in good health! What kind of tires are those?


The tires are vittoria "Atlanta gold" tubulars...
Your 'rensho is sweet too...

oh man

did you bring this bike into great lakes cycling the other day? my son works there and told of someone bringing in a similar bike. that was a total score. maybe i will see you at bloomer park someday. enjoy!

that was me

Yes, that was me. I'm hoping to head out to Bloomer park next week. If you ever want to meet up, let me know!

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