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BT Pinkie         Featured Bike! on 10/26/2009

Bike tags: Track bike | BT carbon velodrome racing bling Dura-Ace sprint zipp
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BT 57cm

Nitto Steel, custom stem

BT carbon aero forks, campy record headset

Zipp 404 (sometimes a HED 3 Front)

Zipp 909 disc (sometimes HED 3 Rear)

DA 7710 165 cranks, DA 7710 BB

FIZIK Arione, USE Aero Carbon Fiber

Shimano Dura-Ace 7400 pedals & clips, Toshi double straps, Izumi gold chain (bling)

DA chainrings (47-51), DA&EAI cogs (13-16)

Cabon Fiber Monocoque Frame. "Sprinter" frame (lower bb, more rigid BB). biggest dropouts i've ever seen. never ridden on the road. Strong G grips. BEEFCAKE!

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90 inches for sprinting? That steerer and seat post height? There's so much going on here that I can't tell if it's even possible to make that thing fit you.

Yes. There were 1-2 model years of those Hed.3's that had problems with the bearing shims coming lose. I had the same issue, sent it back to Hed and they sent me out a brand new wheel, no questions asked. As for warping? You can damn near drive over one of those wheels and not have it come out of true.

dayum that's a huge

dayum that's a huge spacer!

super cute for a track machine

Erm, excuse me, I seem to

Erm, excuse me, I seem to have been hallucinating. Was that a bicycle I just saw? I'm not entirely sure.


is all i can say


sexy. and it's not because it's pink. i dig that to though.

beautiful bike, id like to

beautiful bike, id like to have one like this



u make me wanna...

paint my tt frame blue so we can match

I want That

I want That

Very Nice

I know this thing and like it very much. I'm searching for one. Do you want to sell it?

love it

i love it, want to sell it? hahahahahaha

too big for you (prolly!)

57cm sprinter's setup. plus, well, i race it every year. :) weren't you going to buy one? how'd that go?

pandora's favorite bike

she used to like my pink maruishi like 6 years ago... she's been dreaming of this one the whole time! she's asked that you put a (big) basket up front and give her a pedal 'round the block...


omfg, imagine a basket hanging off the front of this thing with Pandora in it!?!? what would it take to get a photo-op like that? :D

And I thought Molly Ringwald Looked Pretty in Pink

I LOVE the pink. Don't change a thing on this girl. How does she ride? Like a classy lady, she looks incredibly stiff and unforgiving.


the bike rides really stiff (fatty bottom bracket) which is exactly how it needs to be on the track for me. when i ride it, it feels like it was made for my body -- an extension of my body. feels great!

there needs to be some drive

there needs to be some drive side love!

drive side

"never ridden on the road."

"never ridden on the road."hahaha, If you ever dare take that out on the streets of SF I think you would stop traffic. I love the bike and wheelsets but the bubble gum color is my favorite part.


best part is when i tell people i had over 2000 colors to choose from. "why pink dude?" :)


holy SHIT


if there had been a vélodrome scene in the movie "yellow submarine", john lennon would have ridden a bike that looked like that. looks like fun!


yeah, an unusual geometry, but rides so smooth and stable at speed, it'd incredible. took me about 1-2 weeks to get "used" to it from the previous steel Bianchi Pista. still can't do wheelies on it tho -- working on it.


yo it's dope... but it looks like the gum on the bottom of my shoe.
pretty gum on the bottom of my shoe...

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