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GITANE Tour d'Avenir 1975

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Gitane (Reynolds 531)/ 56.5 / 1975

Cinelli Giro d'Italia/ 3ttt

Gitane/ Stronglight

Mavic 501/ Mavic CP4/ Ultech Kevlar Hammerhead '22

Mavic 501/ Mavic CP4/ D'Alessandro Pro 260 '22

Tevano/ Campagnolo record

Cinelli Unicanitor / Campagnolo record

Campagnolo Record, Bierreci toe clips/ Shram

Campagnolo Nuovo Record milled/ RD: Campagnolo Nuovo Record, FD: Campagnolo record

CLB Course 47-60 extra light

Gipiemme 50, 42 / 6 x Dura Ace 7100 freewheel (Shimano FA-110) 14-24

Upgraded my gipsy queen with new parts. Now rolling 2x6 with Campy NR/ record derailleurs, Tevano crank (French copy of Campagnolo) and different wheel set. The bike is much lighter now (10.3 kg as shown), better handling and rolling. Impressive ride...

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Really enjoy this

I like your attention to period correct European components, with a healthy mix of manufactures. Definitely unique!

Healthy mix

Thank you Fumingator! There is something in me who always avoids mixing Japanese and European parts altough I really like Dura Ace, Suntour & co. The healthy mix - I dig this expression ! - is a result of budget and availability... but by chance I will clean it up someday. Beside that I heard that Gitane sometimes used to "built up theyr bikes with whatever they just had arround" - so this is about what I did... :)

Love the color

ATB. The sweetest retro ride yet.Nothing beats a lugged steel frame and old school components.I would take this time machine over any new bike hands down.Bikes arent this beautifull any more their lines are too blended and swoopy.Great bike dude.

Thank you Mtbfixed

It was a great oportunity to buy the frame in France and one of the main reasons (as far as there are any serious reasons buying another bike... ;-)) was the colour! You're so right about lugged steel frames - a modern bike can never be as beautiful as these old rides...

Nice Find

Beautiful French road bike. Nice photos also.

Beautiful bike

An interesting bike with some unique features.


The housing stop for the FD is very well executed, is it homemade?

Housing stop

I used a NOS vintage pump clamb for the housing stop - I don't know yet if it's strong enough but no problems on the first testrides.

why not correct cable guide?

That housing stop is pretty ingenious but why not just get the correct cable guide and then you won't need the housing or the housing stop?

cable stop

you're right but I didn't had something better at home. but will look out for a Campagnolo cable guide - anyone??

Those dropouts are

Those dropouts are absolutely gorgeous.

wow !

Well done ! This seasoned 'ORANGE GEM' looks authentic and at the same time younger than ever (current wheelset seems in fact alright). For more comfort, 'modern but neutral' fatter 23/25mm tires, in contrast to those ultra narrow ones, might be an improvement. Some of us dislike brake cables in front of their faces and might be unsure of this particular type of saddle - not to even mention its pre-WW1 look ;D.

This and that

hey thanks for your comment! let's start with the tires -they're 22" and still in good shape so no need to replace them. There will be some Giro tires in 23 on the bike later anyway. The new wheelset will be almoust the same as the one on the picture. Gitane used to mix groups for all I heard.
I'm tall enough to reach the point of view OVER the cables and I don't like it when they are too short - you can always go shorter! For a first set up I let them always quite long and they did it this way back in the days also.
This Brooks saddle model first came out in 1936 - pre WW2 if you prefere -and was used by professionals for many years. Beside that I took what I had to complete the bike and for my opinion it fits fantastic. I also don't know too much about the original set up of the bike but if you know the saddle model they used, let me know.

The saddle... a Ti Brooks Swift. It's comfort is pretty legendary, and it's probably the only relatively new component on the bike.

It's a Swallow

but with the rest you're so right -thanks!

It is!

I was looking at my Swift as i was typing that. But yeah, Swallows are awesome, and Ti ones are relatively light even.

Great looking bike in an

Great looking bike in an excepional orange colour:)

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