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Perkins track lo pro

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Perkins Columbus Max / 55cm / 1991

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My pride and joy!

A bit of history: Australian frame builder Daryl Perkins learned the art of frame building as a young professional cyclist living and racing in Europe in the 1970's. He hung around with and took inspiration from the Italian Masters Masi and Pogliaghi and crafted his frames using similar techniques and geometry.

When Daryl returned to Melbourne in 1975 he used the skills he had gained in Europe to find work as a frame builder for some of Australia's most respected manufacturers including Hillman, Cecil Walker and Peroni before branching out and building frames under his own name "PERKINS".

I was lucky enough to meet up with Daryl Perkins here in Melbourne, he was incredibly generous with his time and information. He told me that this particular frame was originally commissioned back in 1991, he laughed as he recalled that the fluoro paint scheme was requested by the client and not his personal choice, lucky for me I love a bit of fluoro pink!

Cycling is definitely in the Perkins bloodline because not only was Daryl a kick ass frame builder and a professional cyclist back in his heyday, but he's also the father of 2011 World Keirin Champion and Australian track royalty Shane Perkins.

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It is soooo beautiful....

...that I want to cry! Seriously, stunning creature. BTW,xmas is near! ;)

Thanks so much Brannigan...

...but it wouldn't fit down your chimney!;-[



This is So Cool

This is cool on so many levels.

oh lord

lord have mercy.


this bike may be better than sex....


thanks mapleleafs-13, but please don't jizz on my bike!

Maybe you're not doing it

Maybe you're not doing it right

wow look at the beefiness of

wow look at the beefiness of the stays ! i wonder if its stiffness approaches that of a carbon frame

holy shi-

iiit! that paintjob (and frame underneath it) is incredible!!!

So cool! And what heritage

So cool! And what heritage you have there grandma. Frame is reminiscent of Shorter tt's. Also loving them colors. Bike=art.

Thanks tracksloth

it is very similar to those early Shorter tt's isn't it, I love that horizontal top tube geometry on a lo pro.

P.S check on that stiff link

P.S check on that stiff link

Great eye!

Great eye!

That is special...

That is special...

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