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'86 Peugeot Ventoux Track

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reynolds 501 / 58 / '86

atax franco italia d 352 / atax

reynolds 501 *** / atax (will be changed to a black tange)

700 / origin8 / weinmann 36h / continental GRAND PRIX 23c

700 / origin8 / weinmann 36h / continental ultra sport 23c

stronglight / new, sealed

selle italia mundialita ** / stronglight

mks sylvan road (need to find some track ones) with mks njs cages and white leather straps/ izumi gold njs

will be mounting a front brake after all, a chromed shimano (it has no logo, thankfully) with ashima racing pads.

52t x 19t / stronglight chainring / all-city cog / shimano dura ace njs lockring

the whole bike has been completely restaured and converted to track by me. i chose to stick to the oem theme, as if peugeot had released a track version of the ventoux in the '80s, using some japanese parts. the only exception to this "rule" is the newschool wheels and some bits from the drivetrain.

i also polished, waxed and detailed it with high-end car detailing products from swissvax (check them out on the net).

*** fork - deleted the mounting rings for the mudguards; filed some millimetres upwards (at an angle) off the front wheel mounting holes for near-track fork rake angle and a closer gap between the fork and the wheel; now, the whole bike is subtly lowered towards the front.

** saddle - has been reupholstered using white brabus "fine leather" at a local car tuning company that used to work directly with the mercedes tuner.

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This is NOT a track bike.

You know how I can tell? I don't see the NJS stamps. Hahaahhaahaha!

Seriously, this is a beautiful bike. There's something sexy about old bikes being converted to single speed.

haha! thank you!!! will

haha! thank you!!! will check out yours right now! :)

Love the color

Love the color scheme...never seen it before.

thanks! that's why i won't

thanks! that's why i won't repaint it. i also dig the patina...

nice. i love the idea behind

nice. i love the idea behind the fork mod. any close up pic ? and how tight is the tire clearance now on the front ?

it's a really small

it's a really small difference, like half a centimetre or smth. i didn't want to file it too much, it's a bit unsafe... and the angle you file it upwards also counts for the rake.

you could have just got a

you could have just got a track frame and put peugeot decals on it

yeah, that's true.

yeah, that's true. but this doesn't have decals, they are painted under the final least that's what i think.


Replacing a rear wheel on an old road bike doesn't magically make it a track bike...

ofcourse, i DID write that

ofcourse, i DID write that it's a conversion, didn't i? :)

Yes, but that doesn't make

Yes, but that doesn't make it a track bike

You can't race conversions...

...on the track. That's why it's not a track bike.

ok. thanks for telling me

ok. thanks for telling me something i already knew! i know that the geometry is completely different...

again, just to be sure, it's

again, just to be sure, it's a work in progress. i have bigger plans with this frame. why? because i can.

really nice... a conversion

really nice... a conversion done right...let me know what you think about my 84'Centurion Caveleto

thanks dude! i love your

thanks dude! i love your Cava. friended it! :)

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