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AR Cycles road frame

Bike tags: Fixed gear | AR cycles road race dura ace 7800 10 spd columbus sl lugged
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AR cycles columbus sl road 56


AR cycles/campagnolo

american classic sprint 350

american classic sprint 350

dura ace 7800

flite/dura ace

look/dura ace

dura ace 7800

dura ace

Just finished putting this one together. Similar to my last road frame, this one is made of columbus sl/el. My first attempt at an internally lugged fork crown. Time to put a few miles on it to see how it compares

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Congrats on the build, looks

Congrats on the build, looks great! Did you clearcoat it?

no, I figure since I am

no, I figure since I am going to paint it in a few months I will leave it at is for now, I put a light layer of oil on it for now


This thing looks super tight, even if I personally would prefer a bit more clearance. BTW, what exactly is the advantage of this type of 'combined' seat lug, i.e. that the bolt directly connects to the seat stays ? With an old (aluminium) frame of mine, I tightened the bolt just a bit too much and thus managed to rip down the bolt case (solved that with a clamp).

Anyway, Great work ! ...Will it get additional coating ? Are there close-ups of the internally lugged crown and maybe the bb area ? What dropouts were used here, and where did the EL tubes come into play and why ?

The seat lug design is

The seat lug design is really more for aesthetics than anything else. I think they are a little stronger than side tacked stays and a smidge lighter because there is less material, but I mostly did it for the look. Sorry to hear about your frame. I will be painting this when the weather permits, I have all the supplies to do so, but without a warmed paint booth I can't do much right now. I can get some photos of the fork up soon. The dropouts are gipiemme, very similar to the old shimano vertical dropouts. As far as the tube set is concerned, it is all columbus sl, which the current run is just a reproduction of the old EL tubes, thus sl/el.

Holy geometry! Crit racer?

Holy geometry! Crit racer? That thing looks fast and nimble. Very hot.

I will definitely be doing a

I will definitely be doing a little more racing on this one, super responsive ride

Wow that's tighter than a

Wow that's tighter than a gnats butt over a rain barrel.

haha, I was a little worried

haha, I was a little worried about the shifting as shimano suggests a 405 minimum cs, while this is 395, however it shifts great

Sub 400 stays? That is

Sub 400 stays? That is tight!

The seat tube has a slight

The seat tube has a slight crimp in it to accommodate

So Cool

Man, that is so cool you're making these awesome frames.

Thank you, I always

Thank you, I always appreciate your thoughts, I currently have 2 more in the works

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